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How much notice do I need to give you to vacate the property?

You will need to give 4 weeks' written notice.

How much are the bills?

In most cases, within reason, the utility bills are included. Where they are not included, you will pay a reasonable share.

Can I decorate my room?

Usually yes, but each property is different and written permission is always required.

What are the “Dos & Don’ts” of being a Guardian?

You will be provided with a set of rules and regulations, which cover many health and safety issues and consideration for fellow guardians, to which you will be expected to adhere.

Are there other costs apart from the Licence Fee?

Yes. You will have to pay a £75.00 administration fee, a damage security payment (equivalent to 1 month’s licence fee) and £60.00 for our fire safety pack (which consists of a fire extinguisher, smoke detector and fire blanket) which is placed in each guardian room.

I've applied to join the Guardian family, what happens now?

We will contact you when a Guardian place becomes available in your preferred location(s). This process is all about the timing of your application, you may be lucky and we will have a wide range of places in different areas to offer you. If you are able to be flexible with your move dates and/or preferred locations(s) this may increase the likelihood of us being able to offer you a Guardian place. After a month, if we have not been in touch, it is likely that we do not have any Guardian places available in your preferred location(s), and you may want to consider extending the location(s) you would like to live in.

Can Guardians obtain Tenancy rights?

No. Our legal structure ensures Guardians do not acquire any Tenancy rights. We enjoy an on-going relationship with our Guardians, almost all of whom we relocate to other properties once a property is handed back.

Do you charge a weekly management fee?

No. Unlike most of our competitors we do not charge a weekly management fee.

How do you manage the property/the Guardians?

We carry out regular (surprise) inspections to ensure your property is being well maintained and the Guardians are complying with the various rules and regulations. We will also send you a report setting out the findings of our inspections.

What if I need my property back?

Your property can be returned to you at relatively short notice, in a secure, clean and tidy condition.

Who do you recruit to place in my property?

We recruit carefully vetted individuals, in full time employment, typically aged from 25-45, to ensure that reliable, security conscious and socially responsible people, legally occupy your property.

Can I still have access to my building?

Yes. Our Guardians enter into a Licence Agreement, which allows access to you and Live-in Guardians Limited at all times. However, we do ask for 24 hours notice for third party access.

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