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Live-in Guardians 10/07/2019

Why should I use Live-in Guardians as opposed to a traditional security option?

The prospect of leaving your property vacant, in an urban area, in the middle of a housing crisis and an increase in crime-rates, is a daunting one to say the very least.

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Live-in Guardians 05/06/2019

A Guide to Vacant Property Insurance

It is a little-known fact that most standard building insurance policies only continue to cover your building when it is empty for a certain amount of time – for example, 30 – 60 days. This is the case for commercial properties as well as residential properties.

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Live-in Guardians 25/03/2019

How to avoid Business Rates on Empty Properties

If, for any reason, your commercial property becomes vacant you may need to enlist the services of vacant property specialists, but let’s take a journey to Whitehall in this article and see what the law says.

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Live-in Guardians 30/01/2019

The Guardian Angle - Showhouse

How can housebuilders protect their sites and save on business rates? Residential guardians might be the answer, says Ginette Vedrickas.

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Live-in Guardians 19/12/2018

The ins and outs of being a property guardian

Undertaking the role of a property guardian means you have to be trustworthy, reliable and meeting of certain criteria.

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Live-in Guardians 29/11/2018

How to become a Property Guardian

Fully employed, trustworthy, and looking for accommodation? If you find yourself wanting to live in a certain area at a lower cost, you might consider becoming a property guardian.

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Live-in Guardians 05/11/2018

House of Lords welcomes Property Guardian firms’ launch of industry association

Seven of the UK’s leading property guardian firms have come together to form the sector’s first trade association to lead on safety and standards, to represent and promote the industry, and to foster best practice.

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Live-in Guardians 31/07/2018

The Morning Advertiser - Space invaders: what to do if someone occupies your pub

After travellers invaded Thwaites Brewery over the late May bank holiday weekend, The Morning Advertiser reveals what steps a pub can take if it finds its space invaded.

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Live-in Guardians 01/06/2018

Vacant Property Insurance VS Property Guardians.

There are over 12,000 empty commercial properties in the London Borough of Barnet alone.

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Live-in Guardians 03/04/2018

Daily Mail - Property Guardianship

Live-in Guardians were once again asked to give comment regarding property guardianship, this time for the Daily Mail.

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Live-in Guardians 03/04/2018

The Morning Advertiser - Saving Money Through Guardianship

The Morning Advertiser's article on how Live-in Guardians and other property guardians can help empty pubs save money.

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Live-in Guardians 09/11/2017

The law on property guardianship

A white paper setting out the health, safety and legal status of security through occupation

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Live-in Guardians 16/05/2016

Radio 5 Live - All About Property

Live-in Guardians were again on hand for the BBC when they needed the leading expert for the Guardian Industry.

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Live-in Guardians 21/01/2016

YOUROPE, LIG featured on German TV

ZDF, the most watched TV broadcaster in Germany, screened this report last week highlighting ways to live in London.

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Live-in Guardians 10/09/2015

New Appointments

Live-in Guardians are pleased to announce a number of new appointments as the first part of a 3 year expansion programme.

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Live-in Guardians 24/04/2015

48 Hours!

With an ironic twist on the famous 80's cop movie, Live-in Guardians took over protection of the 120 year old former Streatham Police Station this month.

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Live-in Guardians 24/09/2014

Sky News: House Sitters Bag Top Properties On Cheap

More and more young professionals, who cannot afford to get on the housing ladder, are bagging themselves plush temporary accommodation for very little money under "guardian schemes".

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Live-in Guardians 04/09/2014

Low Cost Living: LIG Featured in Estates Gazette

Young, Professional and priced out, an article showing the appeal of Live-in Guardians.

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Live-in Guardians 22/06/2014

German Press takes an interest in LIG

The German Press has taken an interest in Live-in Guardians, check out the full article below:

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Live-in Guardians 05/06/2014

LIG Featured in Daily Express

Live-in Guardians have been featured in the Daily Express.

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