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Live-in Guardians 26/05/2014

Empty Homes

Live-In Guardians were featured on Channel 4.

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Live-in Guardians 21/05/2014

Property Tribes TV

Live-in Guardians interviewed by Property Tribes TV

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Live-in Guardians 21/05/2014

LIG Featured in the Newpapers

LIG are featuring regularly in the Press, here are a few of our cuttings.

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Live-in Guardians 11/04/2014

From Russia with Love

Live-in Guardians had it's biggest ever media coverage this month when RT (formally known as Russian TV) featured us on a news bulletin it presented on accommodation in London. RT goes out to 30 satellite and 500 cable operators and reaches 550 million people in 100 countries.The presenter spent several hours interviewing some Guardians and our MD Arthur Duke and were enthralled by their stories and living conditions. This is the second huge Russian network that has covered our services so we better start learning the language!

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