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Who can become a Live-in Guardian and join our Guardian community?

If you are over 21, in full-time employment and are able to provide 3 months' bank statements or payslips, proof of address and photo ID, you are eligible to apply to join our Guardian community. You will also need a character reference which can include one from your current employer, or client if self-employed, one from your existing Landlord or one from someone you have known in a professional capacity for over two years. Please note that you will need a guarantor if you are on a flexible/zero hour employment contract or are self-employed.

Can I still have access to my building?

Yes. Our Guardians enter into a Licence Agreement, which allows access to you and Live-in Guardians Limited at all times. However, we do ask for 24 hours notice for third party access.

How do I apply to become a Live-in Guardian?

If you have the supporting documentation, please complete the Guardian Application Form at https://liveinguardians.com/apply. Once you have signed up you will be added to our mailing list to receive our weekly prospective Guardian newsletter. This will display the properties we have available and their details. Once you have seen one you like, you can book onto a viewing with a member of our team. If you are able to be flexible with your move dates and/or preferred locations(s) this may increase the likelihood of finding a property suitable for you.

What are my duties as a Live-in Guardian?

Your duties are to protect and preserve our client's property by residing at the property on a full time basis, reporting any threats and/or risks to the property from vandals, trespassers and squatters and reporting any issues (eg: leaks, broken windows) which may adversely affect the structural integrity and infrastructure of our client's property.

What are the “Dos & Don’ts” of being a Guardian?

You will be provided with a set of rules and regulations, which cover many health and safety issues and consideration for fellow guardians, to which you will be expected to adhere.

Will I be responsible for stopping squatters, vandals or trespassers entering the property?

You will not be required to undertake any security functions other than occupying the property, nor will you be expected to endanger yourself in protecting the property. We will provide you with 24/7 emergency numbers in the event of a threat or risk to you or the property.

Am I covered?

Yes! At Live-in Guardians, we take our management responsibilities very seriously. As such, we have comprehensive public liability and professional indemnity insurance in place to give you total peace of mind. This policy provides us with all the necessary coverage and protects us from any liability we may incur in connection with our business operations. Additionally, through the use of our Guardians, any properties previously classified as unoccupied can become eligible for reduced insurance premiums. We also offer a number of rate saving schemes for short-term occupiers. For more info get in touch.

How much will it cost me per week?

Licence fees vary depending on location, condition of property and size of rooms. On average our Licence fees are around 40-50% below the level payable for a traditional rental and often include all bills.

Are there other costs apart from the Licence Fee?

You will be required to pay a Damage Security Payment (similar to a deposit), equivalent to one month’s Licence Fee. The DSP will be returned to you when you vacate, on the condition that you have not caused any damage, you have cleared and cleaned your room, removed all your belongings from the property, and you have returned your keys.

How much are the bills?

In most cases, within reason, the utility bills are included. Where they are not included, you will pay a reasonable share.

Where will I be living?

We have a range of properties in London, some are more central than others. We do get new properties on our books all of the time, but due to the temporary nature of the arrangements with our clients we cannot predict where or when our next property will become available. New properties will be included in the weekly prospective guardian newsletter.

What kind of property will I live in?

Our range of properties vary from large modern office blocks and listed buildings to ex-student blocks. As part of our guardian collective you will be sharing with other guardians, meeting new people and enjoying living as part of a community. The communal spaces in the property can be used in a variety of ways. Very occasionally we will have studio, one and two bedroom flats but these are rare.

How much notice do I need to give you to vacate the property?

You will need to give 4 weeks' written notice.

Can I share my room with my partner?

Yes, provided each of you enter into a Licence Agreement with Live-in Guardians Limited. The price per room will be increased by 50-75% for double occupancy.

Do the properties have Wifi and telephones?

Due to the temporary nature of their use by Live-in Guardians, the properties do not have Wifi and landline telephones. Requests will be considered for Guardians to install a landline/broadband at their own cost.

Do the properties have electricity and hot water?

Yes. All properties have hot water in the kitchens and bathrooms (the properties are made habitable, so you can make it a home).

How long will I be able to stay in a property?

We protect our clients properties for varying lengths of time, however, on average it is for a period of 3–8 months. We will always endeavour to offer our guardians alternative accommodation once a property is due to be handed back.

Are the rooms furnished?

All rooms are unfurnished, and you are welcome to bring your own furniture into the property. Live-in Guardians Limited may be able to provide you with basic furniture, at a small cost, to enable you to begin protecting our client's property immediately.

Can I decorate my room?

Usually yes, but each property is different and written permission is always required.

Do you allow pets in your Guardian properties?

Unfortunately, as a general rule we do not allow pets in our Guardian properties.

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