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Can I still have access to my building?

Yes. Our Guardians enter into a Licence Agreement, which allows access to you and Live-in Guardians Limited at all times. However, we do ask for 24 hours notice for third party access.

Who do you recruit to place in my property?

We recruit carefully vetted individuals, in full time employment, typically aged from 25-45, to ensure that reliable, security conscious and socially responsible people, legally occupy your property.

What if I need my property back?

Your property can be returned to you at relatively short notice, in a secure, clean and tidy condition.

How do you manage the property/the Guardians?

We carry out regular (surprise) inspections to ensure your property is being well maintained and the Guardians are complying with the various rules and regulations. We will also send you a report setting out the findings of our inspections.

Do you charge a weekly management fee?

No. Unlike most of our competitors we do not charge a weekly management fee.

Can Guardians obtain Tenancy rights?

No. Our legal structure ensures Guardians do not acquire any Tenancy rights. We enjoy an on-going relationship with our Guardians, almost all of whom we relocate to other properties once a property is handed back.

Am I covered?

Yes! At Live-in Guardians, we take our management responsibilities very seriously. As such, we have comprehensive public liability and professional indemnity insurance in place to give you total peace of mind. This policy provides us with all the necessary coverage and protects us from any liability we may incur in connection with our business operations. Additionally, through the use of our Guardians, any properties previously classified as unoccupied can become eligible for reduced insurance premiums. We also offer a number of rate saving schemes for short-term occupiers. For more info get in touch.

Do I need “change of use” permission to use Live-in Guardians?

No, the primary use of the building remains the same. The fact that it is temporarily not being used in the same way is not relevant.

Will I still have to pay empty rates on my building?

In most cases we will be able to substantially reduce your empty rates liability.

Why choose Live-in Guardians over a traditional security option?

Using Live-in Guardians is the most cost-effective and straightforward way to protect your empty building as a property owner. You save significant budget versus an expensive 24-hour security guard, while not having to board-up your building – which simply draws unwanted attention to the fact the building is unoccupied.

What kind of buildings are suitable?

Virtually any building is suitable, provided it is windproof and watertight and has a supply of electricity and cold water. We can fit temporary bathroom & kitchen facilities, which can be removed prior to the building being handed back to you.

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