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Live-in Guardians started in 2010 and along with Live-in Caretakers have been successfully protecting empty buildings in the UK from squatters, vandals and general decline. We currently look after almost half a billion pounds worth of assets.

The buildings we protect vary in size, location and condition but include office buildings, churches, pubs, schools and large residential houses.

We are delighted to introduce our new service; LIG K9 Protection Services which will again increase the range of properties we are able to protect and ensure landlords have peace of mind and control of their assets.

Details are below but if you would like more information on our Guardians services click here or Caretaker services click here.

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Why pick a Security Dog Team over a static guard?

Dogs have heightened senses they are able to detect hidden intruders from 300m.
The dog unit offer a huge deterrent in comparison to a single static guard. It is known widely across the security industry that one dog team can provide the same or even more than the level of security of 3 static guards.
The site doesn’t need to be accessible by public transport (which it does for some manned guards) as the K9 unit will have transport for the dogs and the handler to get to the site.

Where are dog units required?

Sites with little or no facilities

Heating, toilets or electricity.

Industrial sites

Warehouses, industrial parks, or building sites.

Where multiple guards may be required

Various ingress or egress points.

Sites where public transport is limited

Our units have their own transport.

High rist of Travellers or Squatters

Cleared sites or land with high risk of fly tipping.

Protect your valuable assets the right way.

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You may have a property that could be better suited to one of our other services.
Please click here for more information on our Guardian service, or click here for more information on our Caretaker service.

Why pick a Security Dog Team over a static guard?

Our security dog handler teams prove to be a useful asset in more vulnerable or higher risk situations. As well as providing an excellent visual deterrent, our dogs are trained to indicate to the dog handler the presence of potential intruders and assist in detaining them.
Our dogs are able to sense intruders by smell, sight or sound and with their trained security handler they are able to locate them in larger areas that a security guard alone cannot do. They will protect their handler by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression when confronted with threatening behaviour.
Our dog handlers are put through the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) courses and have regular refresher training to make sure we provide the most up to date techniques in security dog protection.
Their vehicles are fully marked with security warnings providing an additional deterrent on site. In vulnerable situations they are more effective in deflecting interest in your sites and assets than a single or multiple security officers.


In larger spaces and open areas the dog handler is a much more effective tool in detecting and stopping trespassers and thieves.
A dog handler only requires the use of a toilet as they come as a self-contained unit within their vehicles whereas a security officer requires you to provide, shelter, water, heating and electricity as well.
We can deploy dog handlers to site within 2-3hrs as they do not rely on public transport as a security officer would.
On larger sites we supply and install Geolocation systems that allow us to monitor the patrols of the dog handler to evidence their work and to make sure they are safe. If a handler does not respond or complete their patrols our 24hr monitoring control room will dispatch a support unit to site.

It's time to meet our dog handlers

Here at Lig k9 protection services, we pride ourselves on aiming to raise industry standards. We have a solid canine security team in place to ensure we can fulfil even the most demanding enquiry.

LIG K9 Protection Services canine teams operate in line with the Guard Dogs Act 1975 and The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, which allows us to use dogs to guard a client's property, provided dogs are under control and that appropriate warning signs are erected and visible at site entrances.

LIG K9 Protection Services undertakes site surveys to identify where appropriate signage is required and arranges for the provision of that signage, to ensure its security operations complies with the requirements of all relevant Acts.
All security dogs and handlers, deployed by LIG K9 Protection Services, are highly trained and routinely assessed. Training conforms to British Standards 8517-1, the UK’s highest standard for dog and handler training.
The training provided to dogs and their handlers is also recognised by and meets to standards of the following professional standards institutions:


National Association of Dog Users

Avoid paying empty property rates and gain invaluable peace of mind with Live-in Guardians.

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