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How to maintain your empty property

01 October 2020

An empty property can be difficult for property owners to secure and maintain. Large vacant properties such as office buildings or pubs require a lot of upkeep and can be susceptible to attacks from squatters, thieves and vandals. Empty property maintenance can also be an expensive endeavour, with costs adding up from cleaning, security services and any potential repairs that may need carrying out. Live-in Guardians aim to offer a solution to empty property maintenance that is simple, commercially savvy and cost-effective, keeping your property maintained whilst simultaneously saving you money.

Instead of letting your property sit empty and vulnerable to invaders or falling into disrepair, allowing property guardians to legally occupy your building can help to keep it safe, secure and well-maintained. Within 24 hours of contacting Live-in Guardians and requesting help with your empty property, we can conduct a free property survey to ensure it is suitable for us to manage. We will then transform your property interior to make it 100% liveable and find you suitable, vetted guardians who will legally occupy your property. Live-in property guardians perform valuable services such as keeping your property (aka, their living space) clean and tidy and reporting any maintenance issues to our team. Our team conducts regular surprise inspections to ensure that the property is being kept in top condition and well looked after by our guardians, and we will report any findings to you. By keeping your property lived-in and occupied around the clock, guardians also help to keep the property secure by deterring potential invaders or squatters with their presence and by reporting any threats. You may think this service would come with a high price tag, but compared to traditional security measures and maintenance services, you could potentially save thousands. We provide ad hoc property management as and when you need it, and should your circumstances change and you need your property again, your property will be returned to you at relatively short notice in a clean, tidy and secure condition.

If security is your main concern, we can also provide a Live-in caretaker for your property within 24 hours of you making an enquiry. A live-in caretaker is an ex-military and SIA licensed individual, who provides round the clock security and surveillance to keep your property secure and protected from threats. Choosing a caretaker over traditional security measures such as boarding up, security cameras or alarm systems can be much more cost-effective, as well as giving you invaluable peace of mind that your investment is safe.

Live-in Guardians help to secure your commercial property by providing live-in guardians or caretakers in a timely manner, meaning you can rest easy knowing your vacant property isn’t a target for criminals. Caretakers provide world-class security at a fraction of the cost of mainstream services, and Guardians legally occupy your property and keep it safe, secure and well-maintained. No property owner wants to see their asset sitting empty or falling into disrepair, and by choosing Live-in Guardians you can be confident that your property will remain secure, maintained and looked after by vetted, trustworthy individuals.

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