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Becoming a property guardian in London

04 March 2022

London is one of the most desirable – and most expensive – places to live in the UK. The capital is home to a range of creative industries, big businesses and countless finance and technology companies, making it a top place to live and work. But with rent prices skyrocketing, it can be difficult for young professionals to find affordable accommodation in the capital. To help tackle this problem, Live-in Guardians work with commercial property owners across London to help provide an alternative living solution for key workers and young professionals at a lower cost. 

As a Property Guardian in London, you can live in unique properties in desirable London areas, whilst helping to protect those properties from criminal activity or falling into disrepair. When buildings such as pubs, offices and police stations aren't being used for their original purpose and are sitting vacant, they quickly become targets for squatting, vandalism and theft. Additionally, empty properties often have their utilities such as electricity and water shut off while they are empty, which can result in maintenance issues like leaks. Property Guardians prevent these problems from happening by residing in the property like tenants. We transform the interior of the property into a decorated and fully compliant shared living space, so being a Guardian is always a safe and comfortable experience.

As a Guardian you provide protection by occupation: keeping the property in use and legally occupied, this effectively deters squatters from targeting the building. Our Guardians are not expected to confront any potential threats or put themselves in unsafe situations. Every Guardian has access to our Guardian portal where any suspicious activity or maintenance problems can be instantly reported to our in-house maintenance and security teams, who will quickly and efficiently deal with the issue.

Guardians get the opportunity to live in shared accommodation with the other like-minded young professionals and key workers that form our creative and vibrant Guardian community. In providing much needed property protection services, you can save on living costs as the license fee our Guardians pay is lower than the cost of an average month's rent in London. If you're in full-time employment and you're looking for an alternative and affordable way to live in the heart of London, becoming a Guardian with us could be the ideal option for you.

At Live-in Guardians, we have been working with property owners to protect vacant commercial properties throughout London since 2010. We help to protect buildings like pubs, gyms, offices, churches and more in highly sought-after London zones, providing easily commutable and competitively priced accommodation for young professionals and key workers. If you think you'd make a great London Guardian, fill in our application and let us know what areas you're interested in. Once you’re approved, we will invite you to view suitable properties as soon as they become available. Join our thriving London Property Guardian community today.

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