Professional Intruder Alarm & CCTV Camera Systems for Vacant Properties

Vacant Property Alarms

Live-in Guardians install and maintain professional alarm systems for vacant commercial property and residential buildings. A burglary takes place in the UK every 108 seconds – with opportunists focusing on the most vulnerable targets. Vacant and empty buildings are no exception, as they sit unprotected, they are susceptible to squatters, vandals and unwanted intruders. Indeed, around 20% of UK properties experience more than 1 event per year – signalling that without the right security protection measures in place, some buildings will remain a target.

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A cost effective solution to vacant property security

The installation of a professional intruder alarm system is a simple, cost-effective, vacant property security solution to deter unwanted opportunists from accessing your vacant building, and serves as a base-level defence to protect your assets.

Why choose a Live-in Guardians intruder alarm system?


Monitored, battery operated, wireless mobile network alarms – specifically designed for areas with no power or telephone lines.
Real-time alerts to identify and report all unwanted intruders.
CCTV cameras with 24/7 NSI Gold Standard monitoring option.
Lowers the cost of insurance policies.
Security industry experts specialising in 360’ protection services for empty buildings.

A full range of professional alarm systems

Live-in Guardians provide business alarms services for clients across London and the wider UK, while providing ongoing assistance with maintenance and repairs, ensuring properties are protected at all times. We offer a full range of professional alarm systems, complete with high quality security cameras and app monitoring. Our alarm and CCTV monitoring systems provide a robust solution, issuing an alert message to effectively monitor key access points and on-site assets, around the clock. 

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Your property could be perfect for Live-in Guardians or Live-in Caretakers!

Thousands of UK properties get squatted and subsequently damaged each year. Property owners are increasingly aware of the importance of property security, but many end up overpaying for traditional security guards.

Live-in Guardians provide a modern solution, protecting your vacant property with carefully selected and vetted caretakers and property Guardians, who temporarily reside in your vacant building, keeping unwanted intruders away. If you’re looking to save on security costs, protection by occupation could be the right choice for you.

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