Business Rate Mitigation with Property Guardians

Live-in Guardians can offer legitimate, cost saving solutions to mitigate business rate costs on your vacant buildings.

The costs associated with holding an empty commercial building are significant. Empty building owners are subject to ongoing insurance premiums, security costs and of course, expensive business rates.

Live-in Guardians develop bespoke strategies that help vacant property owners reduce the burden of empty property costs, while they progress through their regeneration, development or sales projects, and are awaiting planning permission. 


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How can Live-in Guardians mitigate business rates?

Intermittent Property Occupation

A vacant commercial property is granted an initial 3 month period of Empty Property Relief (EPR). This period may be longer (up to 6 months) for certain types of buildings, particularly industrial buildings such as factories or warehouses.

If a property is occupied for a specific period of time during the EPR window, it may be possible to restart and repeat the process, in turn saving approximately 50% on business rate liabilities each time.

Additionally, clients may choose to use their premises as a short-term storage facility, or to enable the marketing of third-party goods – such as artwork. These options are especially useful for clients who require limited periodic access to their property.

Charitable Property Occupation

Charitable property occupation can reduce business rates by at least 80% and in some cases cases up to 100%. By allowing a Charity to conduct its operations from your empty building, you can generate activity and interest in the local community, while enhancing the appeal and security of your property. Owners also enjoy lower insurance and security outgoings.

Live-in Guardians partner with several reputable charities within local communities, who in turn benefit from office, warehousing, studio and performance spaces at zero-cost to the Charity.

What Are Property Guardians?

Property guardians are hand-picked, and carefully vetted individuals chosen to temporarily live in otherwise vacant properties for a monthly fee which is significantly cheaper than like-for-like private rentals in the same area. Through legal occupation of the property, our Live-in Guardians act as a deterrent, protecting buildings from vandalism, theft, squatters, and general disrepair. Our Guardians are young professionals and key workers, who require cost-effective living solutions close to their place of work, typically in city centre locations such as London and Manchester. 

Live-in Guardians offer significant protection when compared to traditional security and often come at zero-cost to you, the property owner.

Reduce the burden of empty property rates and gain invaluable peace of mind with Live-in Guardians. Contact us today to book your free, no obligation, security assessment – deliverable within 24 hours.

With over 10 years of industry experience, and as a founding member of the Property Guardian Providers Association (PGPA), Live-in Guardians have successfully worked with hundreds of clients, while saving them a significant portion of their passive expenditure on vacant buildings.

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