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Live-in Guardians is the market leader in vacant property protection providing both substantial savings and peace of mind to property owners, whilst offering affordable accommodation to key workers and young professionals in prime locations.

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The real cost of squatters

We recently took over a building which had previously been squatted. The owner incurred the following costs...

Live in Guardians Squatting Costs Infographic Live in Guardians with and without comparison

What people are saying about us...

Gary, Guardian LIG

Thanks for everything, it was such a great experience living at Willow St. You and Arthur were great landlords and it's gona take a bit of getting used to not being with the Live-in Guardians. Good luck with everything, I hope all goes well with the new properties.

Frank Montanaro, Managing Director Noble House Properties

In recent years we have employed Live-in Guardians Limited's services to safeguard buildings which have been pending refurbishment or disposal or awaiting planning permission. This has not only helped us reduce our costs, including a significant reduction in our empty property rates, but given us our peace of mind that our buildings are protected and safe.We would recommend Live-in Guardians Limited's services to anyone that might be interested.

Jason Rishover, CEO Heronslea

We have used Live-in Guardians Limited's services on several occasions to safeguard our properties whilst they are awaiting planning permission.The team always act swiftly to place their guardians into our empty properties, managing the whole process from start to finish.Not only were our properties protected, Live-in Guardians were also able to dramatically reduce our empty rates liabilities.Without hesitation, we would be very happy to recommend Live-in Guardians Limited based on our own positive experiences.

Matt, Guardian LIG

Many thanks for everything you guys did for us. We had a great time living there.

Nathalie, Guardian LIG

And finally but most importantly, I would like to thank all of the Live-in Guardians team for the fantastic opportunity you gave me to be living in such an amazing place! I debated with myself, where in London I would go, when our time was up and I decided that that the next best place would be Barcelona (not London) ! and so, I will be commuting every week, from May 2014, spending 3 days working in London and 5 days living in Barcelona! If you do expend your business there, please, let me know!

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Vacant Property Protection

Live-in Guardians is the market leader in vacant property protection. Through Property Guardianship, we aim to provide a reliable and commercial solution to the problems created by empty buildings.

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The true cost of an empty property

Commercial properties are invaluable assets to business owners. Whether it's an office building, a warehouse or a hospitality venue, your property is at the heart of your business.

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How live-in property protection could help you

If you are looking for a security solution to protect your empty commercial property, you might be inclined to go down the traditional route. Security guards and security systems are the most common methods of keeping a property safe, and so they are often a property owners first choice. However, just because they are the popular choice does not mean they are the most affordable or effective security option available.

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Who Benefits from Live-in Property Protection?

Live-in Property Protection is a simple, modern and effective way of protecting vacant properties that comes with a range of benefits. Empty commercial properties can cause several unique problems, for not only the owner of the property but also the wider community.

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Affordable accommodation for graduates

Students across the UK benefit from a wide range of discounts to make their time studying more affordable, including cheaper rent and a lack of council tax. But once you've graduated and moved into working in your chosen field, things become more expensive and it can be harder to find affordable rental accommodation.

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