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Guardianship: A cost effective solution to vacant property security

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Guardianship: A cost effective solution to vacant property security

A modern solution to empty property security. Protect your vacant property with Live-in Guardians and enjoy peace of mind by keeping your property secure – all while saving money on security costs and offering affordable accommodation to key workers and young professionals in prime locations. Interested?

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Guardian Property Management

Who are the Guardians?

A Property Guardian is someone who has entered into an agreement to live in a building or part of a building that would otherwise be empty, for the primary purpose of securing and safeguarding the space. At Live-in Guardians, our Guardians are vetted individuals chosen by us.

Guardians will not be required to undertake any security functions other than occupying the property, nor will they be expected to endanger themselves in protecting the property. We will provide all our Guardians with 24/7 emergency numbers in the event of a threat or risk to you or the property.

The duties of a Property Guardian are to protect and preserve our client's property by residing at the property on a full-time basis, reporting any threats and/or risks to the property from vandals, trespassers, and squatters, and reporting any issues (e.g., leaks, broken windows) which may adversely affect the structural integrity and infrastructure of our client's property.

We only provide trustworthy and reliable people as Guardians for your property. We spend time getting to know the people that are going to be living in your building and make sure that the living arrangements will be beneficial for both parties.

Live-in Guardians

Why Choose Live-in Guardians for Vacant Property Security?

Live-in Guardians was established to provide a reliable and commercial solution to the problems created by empty properties. We have over ten years of experience in vacant property security. Live-in property protection is an innovative and extremely successful method of property security that benefits everyone involved. In as little as a week, we could have your property fully secured, and if you require the use of your property again, we will return it to you in the exact condition it was handed to us, within 30 days.

Live-in Guardians

How does Property Guardianship Benefit Local Communities?

Property Guardianship provides benefits to the local communities themselves. Having a Guardian occupy an otherwise empty building prevents the building from falling into disrepair. Guardians can also provide a significant uplift in sales for local businesses. An empty property means fewer customers spending in the local area, which could have an impact on small businesses. Keeping a vacant property occupied by Guardians can provide tangible benefits to local businesses.

Live-in Guardians

How do Property Owners Benefit from Property Guardianship?

For owners of vacant properties, Guardianship offers a modern solution to vacant property security. By having their property occupied around the clock, owners can be assured that their property is safe and secure. Property Guardians will also provide basic upkeep services and can report any maintenance issues, which helps to keep the property in good condition. Additionally, if there are any maintenance problems such as leaks or electrical issues, our in-house maintenance team is on hand to rapidly conduct remedial works.

By keeping a property legally occupied with Guardians, owners can become eligible for business rate relief. This allows them to save a huge amount of money that would have otherwise been wasted on an empty building that is not being used for its intended purpose.

Live-in Guardians

How do Guardians Benefit from Property Guardianship?

Property Guardianship offers an affordable housing option for people who might otherwise be priced out of an area. We prioritise key workers and offer them the security of affordable housing (typically over 50% less then traditional renting) close to their places of work as we understand the value they have to the local community. Whether it is your local NHS nurse or the schoolteacher who educates your children, working with Live-in Guardians is an investment in the local community and its residents.

What Our Clients Have To Say

James Schindler

We at Londonewcastle have found Live-in Guardians to be responsive, reliable and proactive in resolving any issues that have arisen during the course of their appointment.The nil management fee that Live-in Guardians offers ensures that we, the client, receive a very cost effective solution, especially when compared to other alternatives on the market.Live-in Guardians have ensured that our building is both protected and safe from squatters and vandals and most importantly, they have saved us over £100,000 in relation to our empty rates liability.


Oliver Wolfryd

We employed Live-in Guardians Limited services to safeguard our building in WC2 which was vacant awaiting planning permission. This has not only helped us reduce our costs, including a significant reduction in our empty business rates (over £100,000), but given us peace of mind that our building is protected and safe. From the initial appointment of Live-in Guardians, they offered an innovative and cost effective approach to vacant property protection. We found all Live-in Guardian staff and guardians helpful, responsive and a pleasure to deal with. Without hesitation, we would strongly recommend the service Live-in Guardians has to offer based on our own positive experience.

DirectorProject MET

Tom Pontin

Fantastic experience as a landlord using Live-in Guardians. Initially they protected the property whilst it was vacant, then did an incredible job of bringing it up to standard, with tenant safety paramount. Work finished today and the property is fully let. They’ve kept me informed throughout. Can highly recommend their services.

Residential property ownerLondon

Jason Rishover

We have used Live-in Guardians Limited's services on several occasions to safeguard our properties whilst they are awaiting planning permission.The team always act swiftly to place their guardians into our empty properties, managing the whole process from start to finish.Not only were our properties protected, Live-in Guardians were also able to dramatically reduce our empty rates liabilities.Without hesitation, we would be very happy to recommend Live-in Guardians Limited based on our own positive experiences.


Frank Montanaro

In recent years we have employed Live-in Guardians Limited's services to safeguard buildings which have been pending refurbishment or disposal or awaiting planning permission. This has not only helped us reduce our costs, including a significant reduction in our empty property rates, but given us our peace of mind that our buildings are protected and safe.We would recommend Live-in Guardians Limited's services to anyone that might be interested.

Managing DirectorNoble House Properties

Commercial Client

We were delighted with the service we received from Live In Guardians. During the enforced pub closures of COVID, the substantial listed property which we managed was broken into and vandalised when it was vacant. In addition, the upper floors were being refurbished which made them unsuitable for occupation. We did not want to fully board up the property but had genuine concerns over the security of the premises, which were shared by the local planning department. Live in Guardians found an experienced Guardian for us. They successfully prevented further attempted break-ins and kept the property secure until it was sold. The sale of the property took far longer than anticipated, but LIG were able to support us right through until the day of the sale. LIG proved to be fundamental in maintaining the physical security of the property, which could not have been achieved as effectively with boarding-up and remote monitoring.

PartnerPrivate Equity Fund

Finding you a  Live-in Guardian In three easy steps

Finding you a Live-in Guardian in three easy steps

The owner of a property enters into an agreement with Live-in Guardians authorising them to provide its services to secure the owner’s vacant property.
We transform your property into a fully compliant living space and find you suitable Live-in Guardians, who occupy your property while providing valuable services such as reporting any maintenance issues.
Your property stays protected at a fraction of traditional security costs and our Guardians get to experience living at a substantially reduced rate. Everyone benefits!