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Live-in Guardians

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We protect your valuable asset

A modern solution to empty property security. Protect your vacant property with Live-in Caretakers, giving you peace of mind and keeping your property secure – all while saving you money on security costs!

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World Class Live-in Security

Live-in Guardians

Live-in Caretakers

Everyone has a special skill, a talent that helps them excel in life. Some of us are natural artists, engineers, or even scientists, and some of us are born protectors. Live-in Caretakers is a community of those born protectors – ex-Military personnel, all fully SIA licensed, trained and experienced in keeping people and places safe.

If your property is due to remain vacant for an extended period, it is crucial to ensure it is adequately protected. However, traditional security guard services can be costly, and simply boarding up the property sends a clear signal that the building is empty. Choosing a Live-in Caretaker to secure your property guarantees your building is secured and protected within 24 hours of your initial enquiry.

Caretaker Security Services

Why a Live-In Caretaker?

Choosing a Caretaker suitable to you and your property’s needs is as important as any other investment in your business. Finding the right person or people to protect your property will determine how safe your building/buildings are, as well as how confident you are in them.

A Caretaker is a person employed to look after a building. However, the difference between a caretaker and a Live-In Caretaker is the fact a Live-In Caretaker is an ex-military, SIA licensed professional.

Our Live-in Caretaker scheme supports ex-military personnel, re-establishing them into civilian life, with stable employment and accommodation. Property owners are guaranteed a high-quality security service at the fraction of the cost of a mainstream security guard, and our Caretakers receive job security, training, and career advancement opportunities.

Live-in Guardians

How does our Caretaker Security Service Work?

Owners looking for security can request a call back by filling out our enquiry form here. After an initial discussion around your security requirements, we’ll suggest a suitable option and if caretakers are the right choice, we’ll have our team on site within 24 hours.

Our Caretaker Security Service is able to save you more than 50% versus the traditional 24/7 security guards. While typical weekly costs for a traditional guard start at around £3,000 + VAT, our prices start from just £1,400 +VAT, per week. We make it easier and more accessible to have on-site security. With Live-in Caretakers, we do not impose fixed-term contracts, so all you need to do once you no longer require on-site security, is give us 48 hours’ notice. In some cases, an initial one-off setup cost may apply, however, the vast majority of sites require no additional setup.

Live-in Guardians

Caretaker Security Service Details

This is world-class Live-In security, delivered by professionals. You might expect to pay a significant premium for military-grade protection, however by choosing to take advantage of the skills of a Live-In Caretaker, you could actually save thousands of pounds a month.

As a leading provider of vacant property services, we are proud to have worked with many clients across Central London, and as you can see from our testimonials, landlords have never felt safer or more supported in the continuing mission to keep their vacant properties safe from damage and squatting. Our Caretaker Security Service ensures your property is safe, while guaranteeing a 24/7 security service for less than 50% of the price of mainstream surveillance services.

Live-in protection you can count on

An alternative to traditional security guards, Live-In Caretakers provide dedicated support and security for your vacant sites 24/7. By having a permanent presence on site, issues of vandalism, theft, and disrepair due to the property being unattended are widely prevented.

Finding you a Live-in Caretaker in three easy steps

Finding you a Live-in Caretaker in three easy steps

Call us on 020 3195 3535 with your need for a Live-in Caretaker and we will have someone there within 24 hours.
Pay a third of the price of a 24/7 security guard with prices starting from £1,400+VAT a week.
Have peace of mind that the person looking after your property is Ex-British Military and SIA licensed.