Having a caretaker just took on a whole new meaning.

Live In Caretaker

Everyone has a special skill, a talent that helps them excel in life. Some of us are natural artists, engineers or even scientists, and some of us are born protectors. Live-in Caretakers is a community of those born protectors – ex-Military personnel, all fully SIA licensed, trained and experienced in keeping people and places safe.

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What they are



A person employed to look after a building.

"He works as a college caretaker"

How much you pay

Traditional 24/7
Security Guard
£12,380 pcm

- VS -

What we are

Live-In Caretaker


Ex Military, SIA licensed, a person used to protecting and defending an area, building or person with their life.

"He works as a Live-in Caretaker – Prevents, protects and preserves."

How you save

Live-In Caretaker
£5,600 pcm

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This is world-class live-in security, delivered by professionals of a world-class military. You might expect to pay a significant premium for military-grade protection, however by choosing to take advantage of the skills of a live-in caretaker, you could actually save thousands of pounds a month. As a leading provider of vacant property services, we are proud to have worked with many clients across Central London, and as you can see from our testimonials, landlords have never felt safer or more supported in the continuing mission to keep their vacant properties safe from damage and invasion.

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How it works
  • Choose us for a Live-in Caretaker and we’ll have someone on-site in 24 hours.
  • Save more than 50% versus traditional security guards. Prices start from £1,300+VAT, per week.
  • Have peace of mind that the person looking after your property is ex military and SIA licensed.
  • Give us only 48 hours’ notice when service no longer required.
  • Initial one-off setup cost may apply.

Who are we?

  • Established 2010.
  • Market leader in protecting Central London properties with live-in Guardians.
  • Over 75 properties in and around Central London.
  • Accreditations include ISO 14001:2015, Exor and membership of BSIA.
  • Clients include: Motcomb Estates, Estate Office, Nadler Hotels, Galliard Homes, London & Regional and Derwent London.
Operations director: Lee Rider
  • Former British Army Warrant Officer and Chief Instructor in both Kazakhstan and Southern Afghanistan.
  • 23 Years Military Service (Royal Green Jackets).
  • Level 4 Surveillance Operator.
  • Qualified teacher/trainer and SIA licensed close protection officer.


Sold UK

As a private property company, we have found it very time consuming and expensive securing vacant properties we buy and sell.

During our worst-case scenario, we had a property squatted while trying to complete on the sales process.

From our initial discussions and their subsequent appointment, Live-in Caretakers moved swiftly and in a professional manner to secure our property. In addition to ensuring we were able to complete our intended sale I also had piece of mind knowing that my property was in safe hands.

We would have no hesitation using or recommending Live-in Caretakers service to anyone that might be interested.

Global Real Estate Administrators

I thought I should drop you a quick note to say thanks as I met Pex and the chap in charge of the Caretakers at New Kent Road today, absolutely great bunch, super happy with what you guys are doing down there!

We are accredited by the

Armed Forces Covenant Group

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