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How to Maintain your Empty Property and Protect Your Investment

17 July 2019

There are an awful lot of things to consider when facing the prospect of your property becoming empty. A hike in council tax, increased risk of vandalism, fire and squatting – and of course the potentially enormous financial costs of putting things right and making repairs should the worst happen. It is a good idea to make arrangements to keep your property secure the moment you know it’s going to become vacant; however private security costs and/or the cost of physically securing and fortifying your property can be very high. All the while, your rent income from tenants, business or residential, is about to disappear.

Your Options

Securing and policing your property is a good step to try and avoid damage, but is a round-the-clock commitment and can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds a year depending on the size of the property and its location. There may also be implications for insurance. Despite how well fortified you make your property however, you’re still going to have to endure a significant increase in council tax due to the property being vacant. If the property is mortgaged, these costs can quickly add up and start to spiral out of control…

What about a guardian housing scheme?

Using vacant property guardians is quickly becoming one of the most popular property protection services in the UK, particularly in our larger cities. Property Guardians live in properties, residential or commercial, and make sure that they’re kept safe, secure and well maintained. They’re usually skilled professionals working in the city, and enjoy the low rent rates offered in exchange for taking extra special care of the properties they reside in.

How do property guardians work? How much does it cost me?

We carefully select responsible adults to become property guardians – who then reside in vacant properties ensuring that security and safety is maintained. Due to their presence, the risks of fire and vandalism are brought to an absolute minimum, and the risk of squatting or trespass is completely eliminated. Guardians reside in properties on a license basis, meaning that when you’re ready to move new tenants into your property, you can be assured that our guardians will not have acquired tenancy rights – and we will offer them alternative properties in the area.

Using property guardians costs nothing. Nil, not a penny. Our operating revenues come from rent payments from our guardians, meaning that not only do owners save enormous sums on security and tax, they don’t have to pay anything for the service.

Live-In-Guardians is one of the fastest-growing guardian property specialists in the UK – why not see how much you could save by working with us?

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