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How to keep my empty pub safe

17 September 2020

No landlord wants to see their pub sitting empty, but when unfortunate circumstances lead to pubs closing, they can quickly become a liability. Empty pubs are a tempting target for invaders and  are very at risk of squatters, vandals and fly-tippers breaking in and causing damage.

The amount of pubs in London has been steadily declining over the years, with an average net loss of 81 pubs per year between 2001 and 2016, and many pubs have been recently forced to close their doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But whether pubs are closed temporarily or permanently, pub buildings are at very high risk of trespassers and thieves. Many pubs are large buildings, and in most cases changing the locks isn’t enough to ensure the empty building is secure, but there are several measures that can be taken if you are unsure how to keep your empty property safe.

Installing new locks, boarding up the property and fitting a security camera system can be effective measures when used together. There are also the options of anti-vandal UV paint systems or paying for a uniformed security guard to monitor your empty pub, depending on the severity of your security needs. However, traditional security measures such as these can come at a very high price tag, and may not fully deter invaders and squatters from targeting your property. Live-in Guardians offers a modern and cost-effective solution to vacant property management, keeping your empty property safe and monitored by our Guardians or Caretakers and potentially saving you thousands versus mainstream security measures.

Guardians help to protect your vacant commercial property by living in it like a residential property. We outfit the interior of your property with all the necessities to make it comfortably liveable so that our Guardians can move in. They ensure that your property doesn’t sit empty and vulnerable to trespassers by legally living within the property and making sure it is well maintained, potentially saving you thousands in security and cleaning costs that may have occurred if your property was illegally entered. In turn, Guardians benefit from living in prime London locations at a much lower cost compared to typical London rent costs. Live-in Caretakers can also be a cost-effective alternative to traditional security options, providing professional security at a fraction of the price. A Live-in Caretaker could be sent to your empty pub within 24 hours of you making an inquiry, to provide around the clock military-grade and SIA licensed security. Caretakers help to safely prevent danger and manage threats, keeping any potential intruders at bay.

We understand that for pub landlords, your property is your greatest asset and investment. If your premises have unfortunately been temporarily or permanently closed, it is vital that your pub doesn’t become a target for criminals. Having Guardians or Caretakers securing your property could save you hundreds or even thousands in comparison to mainstream security services, and can successfully deter invaders where measures such as boarding up can still sometimes attract trespassers as it alerts them to the property being vacant. Live-in Guardians can ensure the safety of your empty pub property by providing Guardians or Caretakers to take residence in your vacant property and see that it always remains protected, preserved and well maintained.

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