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The real cost of squatters in your empty property

09 September 2020

Vacant commercial properties are at risk of attracting squatters, and thousands of buildings in London and the UK are damaged by squatters each year. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of Covid-19 with many businesses having to close their doors, that number is only rising. The cost of repairing the damage caused by squatters and the fees incurred in their removal can add up to staggering amounts, but Live-in Guardians are leading providers in guardian property services, offering a modern and lower cost solution that can prevent and deter squatters from targeting your property and keep your investment safe.

Squatters can cause more problems than you might think, leaving property owners in a difficult situation with high bills to pay. Squatting in a commercial property is not a criminal offence but it is a civil offence, meaning that a court order must be obtained in order to have squatters evicted. This can become a very time consuming and expensive process, and on top of legal fees, you will likely have to pay for cleaning and repairs to fix the damage caused. Here are just some of the estimated average costs that squatters can incur on commercial properties:

  • Legal fees: up to £5000
  • Bailiffs: up to £4000
  • Rubbish removal: up to £9000
  • New locks and doors: up to £1000
  • General repairs: up to £1000
  • GRAND TOTAL: £20,000

And this number doesn’t include any losses of stolen items that could have been taken by squatters. Squatters trespassing on your property is not only an expensive problem but a time consuming one, and the entire process of having squatters removed from filing the court order to finishing repairs can take months. But choosing property protection services from Live-in Guardians could provide a time and cost-effective alternative solution that can keep squatters at bay, or even prevent squatters from entering in the first place if you act quickly.

Live-in Guardians help to secure your empty property by providing you with either Live-in Guardians or Live-in Caretakers depending on your needs. Live-in property guardians help to prevent squatters by legally occupying your property for as long as you need. We transform your property and outfit it with all the necessities to make sure it is fully liveable, and our guardians live there as they would with any traditional residential property, but receive the benefit of paying a much lower price than average London rent. One the other hand, Live-in Caretakers function as live-in 24/7 security. All of our caretakers are ex-military personnel and SIA licensed, meaning they can provide you with premium quality security within 24 hours of you contacting us to keep your property safe from threats.

Not only can Live-in Guardians help to deter squatters and prevent the expenses that squatting can cause, but our live in property protection can also potentially save you thousands when compared to traditional security costs. You could save up to 100% of the cost of traditional mainstream security services whilst still experiencing the peace of mind that your property is safe from squatters, vandals, and disrepair. Prevent the hassle and expense that squatters and cause and rely on Live-in Guardians to keep your property safely and legally occupied and protected.

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