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How will guardians protect my empty building in Manchester

08 March 2021

Owning an empty commercial building comes with many issues, such as upkeep costs, empty property charges and security concerns. More than ever,  property owners in Manchester are facing the problems of managing an empty property due to the struggles caused by covid-19. Property guardians are a modern solution to securing and protecting an empty property, but if you’re new to the concept you might be sceptical. So what do guardians actually do and how do they keep your empty building safe?

One of the biggest risks to empty commercial buildings is squatters. Squatters and vandals see empty or boarded-up properties as easy targets, but guardians can keep your property safe from these threats. Live-in guardians preserve and protect commercial properties by living in them like a residential property. By constantly occupying your property and keeping our team informed of any issues, guardians protect and maintain your property whilst passively deterring invaders and threats, as having your building occupied all but eliminates the risk of squatters or vandals targeting the property. We make hundreds of properties a year suitable for our carefully selected guardians to live in, from office buildings to pubs, schools and more. Once you enter into an agreement with us, we will completely transform the interior of your property into a fully useable living space, with all the necessary amenities. We then find suitable guardians, usually young professionals or mature students, to live in your property. Guardians maintain your property like any resident would maintain their home, and report any maintenance issues such as leaks and damp or security concerns straight to us. We never ask our guardians to put themselves in dangerous situations. Choosing live-in guardians to take up residence in your property ensures that your property stays not only safe but in great condition.

In exchange for protecting your property, guardians gain the benefit of living in desirable central Manchester locations at a greatly reduced rental cost. Everyone involved in the guardians model benefits in some way. Guardians provide empty property security in Manchester that not only grants property owners peace of mind, but could save owners up to thousands when compared to traditional security costs. With guardians safely and legally living in your property, they keep it monitored and occupied around the clock, negating the need for boarding up or expensive security guard services. By deterring squatters and vandals, guardians also prevent you from needing to spend money on cleaning and renovating if your property had been targeted. And should you require the use of your property again, we can have it returned to you in excellent condition and within relatively short notice.

Live-in Guardians Manchester is dedicated to protecting your property. If you have a vacant commercial property in Manchester that needs protecting, we can complete a free survey within 24 hours of you inquiring. If your security needs are more urgent, we also provide Live-in Caretakers who provide professional 24-hour security services at a fraction of the cost of traditional security personnel. Contact us today and see how we can help you keep your Manchester property safe.

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