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How to keep a vacant property secure in London

18 August 2021

Many businesses throughout London are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, being forced to close their doors for significant periods of time. Empty commercial buildings such as pubs, offices and other business premises can often become a safety hazard when left unused and unoccupied. Properties that fall into disrepair can become eyesores, and unoccupied properties are increasingly becoming victims to squatters and vandals. If you have security concerns about your vacant property, Live-in Guardians have over ten years of experience in protecting London’s commercial properties by providing live-in security services.

Live-in Guardians offers vacant property security to London property owners via legal occupation. Our hand-selected Guardians act as residents and custodians, living in vacant commercial properties as tenants. Once we have surveyed and approved your property, our team outfit the interior with all of the necessities for residential living, turning your property into a shared accommodation for our Guardians to move into.

Traditional security methods, such as “boarding up” a property send a clear signal that a property is empty and vulnerable, but with Guardians living in your property, it is kept safe from invaders as occupation is the best deterrent for opportunistic squatters and vandals. Plus, we ensure all of our Guardians report any threats to our safety team so they are never exposed to potentially dangerous situations. Guardians also report on any maintenance issues such as damp or leaks, making sure your building is always kept in good working order. In summary, Guardians live in, protect and preserve your property while it is out of use, to grant you invaluable peace of mind and security.

By choosing to protect your property with Guardians, you are also giving back to the community by offering affordable accommodation to young professionals and key workers in London. Our Guardian community is made up of vetted, reliable individuals who are in need of accommodation and happy to offer their services as a Guardian in exchange for paying a significantly lower fee than they would be paying in your average rental property in the same area. Our Guardianship scheme makes living in prime London locations affordable and accessible while helping to keep commercial properties safe and looked after. It’s a relationship that benefits everyone involved.

Live-in Guardians are experts in vacant property solutions, protecting commercial properties such as pubs, offices and more throughout London and Manchester. We match properties to suitable Guardians and vice versa, to ensure that no empty property is left unprotected. If you think the Guardianship model could work for you, contact Live-in Guardians London and we can provide a free security survey of your property within 24 hours of enquiring. If your empty property security needs are more urgent, we can also offer a live-in Caretaker service, where our ex-military security professionals can live in and protect your property from threats in just 24 hours notice. We’re proud to offer innovative security solutions that really work to keep empty properties in London safe, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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