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The benefits of Property Guardians

05 October 2021

Property Guardians are a relatively new concept in the UK, offering a unique and modern solution to the problem of vacant property security. In the past, owners of vacant commercial properties faced the option of boarding up their vacant properties, or budgeting for traditional security systems or Guards to keep properties safe. However, Live-in property Guardians have become an increasingly popular, cost-neutral way of securing an empty property, benefiting both landlords and the Guardians themselves. So, how does property guardianship work?

Once we have surveyed your vacant building and you choose to work with Live-in Guardians, we ensure your property is suitable for our Guardians to reside in. Our team kits out the interior of your commercial property, creating bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and sitting areas to create a shared accommodation space, that is fully compliant with health and safety regulations. This gives the property Guardians everything they need for residential living.

All of our Guardians are carefully chosen by us, undergoing an application process to ensure they are reliable and suitable for joining our community. We choose young professionals and key workers as Guardians, which means with a vacant commercial building, you can potentially provide affordable accommodation for the people that need it. Guardians pay a low cost license fee instead of expensive rent, enabling them to live in prime city centre locations at a fraction of the cost of a traditional rental. Once our hand-picked Guardians have moved in, you can rest assured that your property is being kept secure and well looked after, around the clock.

Guardian occupation is an effective method to prevent criminals from targeting vacant property, as an occupied building is the biggest deterrent to opportunistic squatters, vandals, and intruders. Guardians also provide important upkeep services by keeping their living space clean and tidy and reporting all maintenance issues to us – such as problems with the electrics, leaks or damp. In short, property owners receive security and janitorial services all in one, at a significantly lower cost than paying for those services separately. With property Guardians safely and legally living in your property, you receive the benefit of priceless peace of mind, knowing that your property isn’t sitting vulnerable to attacks or falling into disrepair.

We offer affordable and innovative vacant property management services to owners of commercial properties in and around London and Manchester. By choosing property Guardians to secure your property over other traditional security methods such as security cameras, alarm systems and security guards, you can potentially save thousands in your annual security costs. We provide an all in one solution that works, and when you require the use of your property again, we hand it back to you on time and with no fuss.

If you want to save money, protect your asset and have confidence that your property is in good hands, contact us about our Property Guardians today and see how we could help you protect what’s important.

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