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What do property guardians do?

28 October 2021

Property Guardianship has become increasingly popular in recent years, as a way for young professionals and key workers to secure affordable accommodation in London and Manchester. Property owners who are looking for a way to protect their vacant properties choose property Guardians as a cost-effective and modern solution to their problems. You may have heard of property guardianship but if you have questions and you aren’t sure exactly what property guardians do, read on to learn more.

A property guardian is an individual who preserves and protects vacant property by legally living in the building, deterring unwanted intruders and keeping the property in good condition. If a commercial property, such as a pub or office building, is currently vacant, leaving it unoccupied can cause many problems for the property owner such as maintenance issues and the risk of squatters, vandalism and asset thieves. Live-in Guardians protects these properties by making the inside of the property into a fully compliant living space, then inviting our selected property Guardians to move in. Guardians are not security guards, but they provide effective passive security by safely and legally occupying a property, which prevents squatters and vandals from targeting the building. A building that is occupied and in use around the clock is significantly less likely to be targeted.  However, Guardians do not have to put themselves in potentially harmful or dangerous situations: if any security concerns arise, our Guardians can report the issue straight to our team who will handle it accordingly. Guardians also help to keep the property in good working order by keeping it heated, ventilated and clean just like any tenant in a residential property, reporting any issues like leaks or electrical problems to our maintenance team. In short, Guardians provide an essential service to property owners by keeping their important investment safe and well looked after.

Property Guardians get the chance to live in prime city-centre locations while saving money on rent. In exchange for their important property protection services, Guardians pay a low license fee instead of expensive rent, saving hundreds when compared to traditional rentals in the heart of London and Manchester. All of our Guardians are young professionals or key workers; trustworthy and dependable individuals that are hand-selected by us to join our Guardian Community. By joining us as a Guardian, you get the opportunity to live in shared accommodation with a creative community of like-minded people in fantastic and unique properties. To qualify as a Guardian you must be in full-time employment, over the age of 21 and have access to your own mobile phone and email address. If you fit all of our criteria and you think you are ready to become a Guardian, get in touch with us today to receive all the latest information about our available properties. Live-in Guardians is one of the UK’s leading Guardian companies, matching vacant property guardians to suitable properties throughout London and Manchester.

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