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Becoming a property guardian in London

24 November 2021

For recent graduates and young professionals, renting in London is inaccessibly expensive. Then, moving further away from the city for cheaper rent results in a long commute and far fewer social opportunities. However, property guardianship is a concept that offers young professionals and key workers accommodation in prime city-centre locations. If you’re open to shared accommodation in London that doesn’t break the bank, whilst giving you the opportunity to live right in the heart of the city, becoming a London property guardian could be ideal for you.

Becoming a property Guardian in London comes with some simple responsibilities and great benefits. We work with the owners of otherwise vacant properties, to secure their buildings through the legal occupation of our Guardians. Once we have ensured a vacant commercial property is safe and comfortable to live in, we hand-pick suitable Guardians to move into the property and keep it safe. Guardian occupation is a successful way to keep empty commercial properties such as pubs, banks and offices safe from unwanted intruders. Empty properties can be an easy target for squatters or vandals, but Guardians deter this activity, simply by living there. Additionally, none of our Guardians are ever required to act as a security service or put themselves in any potentially dangerous scenario. If there are ever security concerns, our team is on hand to deal with them immediately, so our Guardians don’t have to.

Joining us as a Guardian is a straightforward process. If you are a London based young professional or key worker in full-time employment, you can apply to our Guardian scheme in London by letting us know why you’d make a great Guardian. We are looking for reliable, dependable individuals who are over 21 and with access to their own mobile phone and email address. Once we have approved your application, you will then receive information about our available London properties sent straight to your inbox. We protect a variety of properties in both Central London and Greater London, and all our properties are safely kitted out with everything you need for residential living including bedrooms, bathrooms, communal living areas and all the furniture. By joining our Guardian Community in London, you’ll have the opportunity to share accommodation with other conscientious and like-minded people, and as all our Guardians are carefully chosen by our team you know you’re going to get dependable housemates.

If you want to save money on rent and help to keep commercial properties secure, become a London property Guardian by filling in our Guardian application form today. Live-in Guardians are the UK’s leading property protection specialists, and we have been matching Guardians with vacant London properties for over ten years. Becoming a Guardian is a safe, affordable and rewarding alternative to traditional renting that helps protect vulnerable buildings in the process. And if you are based in Manchester, we now have properties ready to be protected by Manchester Guardians.

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