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Guardianship: An affordable short-term accommodation solution

21 April 2022

Finding affordable rental accommodation in London or Manchester can be challenging, especially if you're looking for something flexible or with a short lease. If you don't want to be tied into a rental contract of six months or more, and you are interested in communal living, becoming a Property Guardian could be right for you. Guardians live in unique properties situated in highly sought-after areas, whilst not being weighed down by a long-term rental contract. Additionally, Guardians save hundreds in monthly living expenses, compared to rental properties in the same area.

Live-in Guardians place young professionals and key workers who enjoy a flexible, community-based lifestyle to join our family of Guardians. We match diligent and dependable Guardians with suitable properties in their chosen areas throughout Manchester and London, including desirable central London locations. As a Guardian, your only responsibility is living in and caring for properties as you would with any other home.

Vacant Property Guardians get to live in a variety of unique commercial properties that have been transformed into residential living spaces with all the mod-cons, such as pubs, police stations, schools, doctor's offices and more! In exchange for keeping these properties safe from squatters, vandals and thieves, Property Guardians pay a low license fee instead of expensive rent. This model benefits both the property owner and the Guardians, as it provides property owners with affordable and effective security and gives Guardians a flexible and affordable place to live.

We're always looking for people who are ready to embrace the Guardian lifestyle. Being a Property Guardian allows you to live with a creative community of like-minded individuals and make great friends. It is an ideal lifestyle choice for young professionals who are seeking short-term accommodation in popular areas. We provide property owners with our services for as long as they required. When the property owner requires their building back, we give you 28 days’ notice, as well as the opportunity to move into one of our other properties. It's an exciting and creative accommodation solution, and no two of our properties are ever the same!

If you're looking for cheap accommodation in London or Manchester that doesn't tie you down with a long lease, we'd love to hear from you. We look for dependable young professionals in full-time employment, whilst prioritising key workers whenever possible. We will ask to see identification and bank statements plus a written statement from you as to why Guardianship is right for you. Once you’re approved, you will be added to our mailing list and invited to view vacant properties in your chosen areas. Guardians can save hundreds in living costs when compared to living in a traditional rental property. Join our Property Guardian scheme in London or Manchester today to get the most out of fun, affordable and flexible living.

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