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What Types of Buildings Can We Protect?

12 April 2023

Live-in Guardians are the market leaders in vacant property protection. Through property Guardianship, we provide a modern solution to vacant building security, that can help property owners to protect their investments in a cost-effective way, whether they be residential or commercial spaces.

What is Property Guardianship?

Property Guardianship is a form of temporary housing where individuals or groups of people occupy vacant properties that would otherwise be left unoccupied. These properties can include residential or commercial buildings, and Guardians are responsible for securing the property while living there.

Guardians are primarily there to secure and safeguard a property. Keeping a property occupied deters would-be intruders from targeting the building and helps to eradicate the potential of squatting. Guardians, however, are not expected to deal with potential threats or put themselves in confrontational situations. If issues arise, or criminal activity is suspected, Guardians can report the problem to our dedicated team straight away. We will then deal with the problem quickly and professionally.

What Types of Buildings Can We Protect?

Residential Properties

Residential properties are buildings that are designed for people to live in, such as houses, apartments, and flats. These types of buildings are often left vacant when the owners are away for extended periods, and they are vulnerable to damage, vandalism, and squatters.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are buildings that are designed for business purposes, such as offices, shops, and warehouses. These types of buildings are also vulnerable to damage and theft when they are left vacant, and they can be expensive to secure.

What Are the Benefits of Property Guardianship?

Property Guardianship provides building owners with a cost-effective way of securing their vacant property. In comparison to 24-hour security guard services and high-end surveillance systems, the live-in protection services we offer at Live-in Guardians are much more affordable, without compromising on effectiveness. By keeping a property legally occupied with Guardians, owners can also become eligible for business rate relief. This allows them to save a huge amount of money that would have otherwise been wasted on an empty building that is not being used for its intended purpose.

For Guardians themselves, Property Guardianship offers the chance to live in affordable accommodation. At Live-in Guardians, our properties offer cost-effective living solutions for young professionals and key workers, who might otherwise be priced out of a particular area. 

The Live-in Guardians Property Guardianship scheme provides an innovative way of protecting both residential and commercial properties and offers a mutually beneficial arrangement for both owners and Guardians. For more information and to enquire about securing your vacant property, click here.

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