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48 Hours!

24 April 2015

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With an ironic twist on the famous 80's cop movie, Live-in Guardians took over protection of the 120 year old former Streatham Police Station this month.

From the first call from the property's new owner to the first Guardians moving in, it took less than 48 hours!

This included reconnecting the water and heating system, adding locks and showers and arranging a viewing for potential Guardians to look around the 20,000 square foot site.

With 3 full time security guards previously monitoring the site, Live-in Guardians immediately started saving the new owner approximately £1,000 A DAY!

For more details on how we can save you thousands of pounds, please call Arthur Duke on 020 3195 3535 or email [email protected]


The BBC recently presented Live-in Guardians as a solution for the growing housing problem in London.

In the prime time programme shown on BBC 1 on a Friday at 7.30pm, it was mostly doom and gloom for those looking for good, economic housing in London.

However, MD Arthur Duke, was the one shining light, explaining the benefits of the business for both the property owners and those looking for affordable places to live in London.

To see the whole programme click below:


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