Vacant Property Protection

If you have an empty commercial property, and you’re worried about keeping it safe from threats, Live-in Guardians can help. We offer simple and cost-effective vacant property protection to property owners in and around London and Manchester. Property Guardians and Property Caretakers can help to keep your asset safe from unwanted intrusion and neglect.


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Choosing to have your vacant property protected by Live-in Guardians is a simple and straightforward process. Once your property has been approved, we outfit the interior with everything necessary for residential living, so that our trustworthy Guardians can move in and start protecting your property by keeping it safely and legally occupied. By inhabiting your property, Guardians can effectively deter criminals such as squatters, and they also provide important housekeeping and maintenance to ensure your vacant property isn’t neglected. Our Guardian scheme benefits our Guardians as well as our property owners; we’re proud to select reliable young professionals and key workers as our Guardians and offer them a low-cost city living solution in exchange for their vacant property protection services. Our Guardians receive affordable accommodation in and around London and Manchester, while you receive priceless peace of mind that your property is safe.


Live-in Guardians provide vacant property protection services that you can rely on. We’re the UK’s leading property guardian company with over ten years of experience in protecting vacant property in and around London and Manchester. If you have an empty property that needs protection, we carry out security surveys within 24 hours of enquiry, to ensure your property is safely occupied and protected, rapidly. We also offer a live-in Caretaker service, matching property owners with ex-military security personnel to live in your property as a 24-hour security guard – safely and professionally handling any security issues. If our vacant property protection services sound like the perfect solution for your vacant property challenges, get in touch with us today.

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