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The Benefits of Property Guardianship

September 14, 2022

Property Guardianship is an innovative and modern way of protecting vacant properties and comes with a variety of benefits.

Property Guardianship is a unique solution to protecting empty buildings. A Property Guardian is someone who has entered into an agreement to live in a building or part of a building that would otherwise be empty, for the primary purpose of securing and safeguarding the space. At Live-in Guardians, our Guardians are vetted individuals chosen by us.

For owners of vacant properties, Guardianship offers a modern solution to the rising costs of traditional security services. By having their property occupied around the clock, owners can be assured that their property is safe and secure and can avoid the growing threat of squatting. Property Guardians will also provide basic up-keep services and can report any maintenance issues, which helps to keep the property in good condition.

Property Guardianship also helps owners to save money by keeping a property legally occupied with Guardians and allowing owners to become eligible for business rate relief. This can often prevent owners from having to pay expensive business rates on a property that isn't being used for its intended purpose.

For Guardians themselves, Property Guardianship offers the chance to live in affordable accommodation. At Live-in Guardians, our properties offer cost-effective living solutions for young professionals and key workers, who might otherwise be priced out of a particular area. We offer 28-day rolling contracts, starting from £75 per week, and there are no hidden management fees.

Guardians are primarily there to secure and safeguard a property. Keeping a property occupied deters potential intruders from targeting the property and protects owners from the risk of squatters. Guardians, however, are not required to undertake any security functions other than occupying the property, nor are they expected to endanger themselves in protecting the property. We provide you with 24/7 emergency numbers in the event of a threat or risk to you or the property. Additionally, if there are any maintenance problems such as leaks or electrical issues, our in-house maintenance team is on hand to rapidly conduct remedial works.

Lastly, Property Guardianship provides benefits to the local communities themselves. Having a Guardian occupy an otherwise empty building prevents the building from falling into disrepair. Guardians can also provide a significant uplift in sales for local businesses that might otherwise struggle to secure regular business. An empty property means fewer customers spending in the local area, which could have an impact on small businesses. Keeping a vacant property occupied by Guardians can provide tangible benefits to local businesses.

Live-in Guardians are the market leaders in vacant property protection, offering a mutually beneficial arrangement for both Property Owners and the Guardians themselves. Owners can secure their property, whilst Guardians gain access to affordable accommodation in prime locations.

Find out more about securing your vacant building with Property Guardians here.

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