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The true cost of an empty property

June 23, 2022

Commercial properties are invaluable assets to business owners. Whether it's an office building, a warehouse, or a hospitality venue, your property is at the heart of your business. Commercial properties are often expensive to maintain, but the income generated by your thriving business keeps everything afloat. So, what happens if your business closes its doors or is put on hold? A vacant commercial property can quickly rack up expenses in maintenance costs and empty business rates, making your property become a problem rather than a source of income.

Vacant commercial properties are also at high risk for criminal activities, making them a significant concern for property owners. The intrusion of squatters, thieves, and vandals can lead to extensive damage, rapidly increasing the expenses associated with cleaning, repairs, and waste disposal. This highlights the critical need for a robust vacant commercial property solution to safeguard these assets and alleviate the financial and operational burdens they impose.

Addressing these challenges requires a proactive vacant commercial property solution. This is where Live-in Guardians step in, offering a comprehensive Property Guardianship scheme that provides protection for empty commercial properties in London and the UK.

Property Guardianship is an arrangement where individuals, known as Property Guardians, live in vacant or temporarily unused properties to deter vandalism, squatting, and maintain the building. In exchange for reduced rent, Guardians keep the building occupied around the clock, helping property owners protect their assets until they decide on future use or development.

Our property guardianship model establishes a win-win scenario. It provides young professionals and key workers with unique, affordable living spaces in city centres, while property owners benefit from a vacant commercial property solution that eliminates empty business rates and ensures their property is secure and well-maintained.

Opting for a live-in property protection service like ours not only safeguards your property but also transforms it into a cost-effective solution. If you're grappling with the challenges of a vacant commercial property, reach out to our team for a swift, effective solution that revitalises your property and mitigates financial losses.

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