Live-in Guardians
Live-in Guardians

Elevating Vacant Property Management with a Human Touch

March 18, 2024

In the past, the approach to vacant property management has tended to be passive, focussing mainly on securing properties and carrying out occasional maintenance checks. While this strategy covers the basic needs, it often fails to address the deeper issues associated with long-term vacancy, such as the risk of dilapidation, unauthorised access, and the cumulative effects of neglect. These factors can significantly affect the value of a property and its attractiveness in the community.

Innovative Solution: Live-In Guardians

At Live-in Guardians, we run a Property Guardianship scheme. Property Guardianship is an arrangement where individuals, known as Property Guardians, live in vacant or temporarily unused properties to deter vandalism, squatting, and maintain the building.

In exchange for reduced rent, Guardians keep the building occupied around the clock, helping property owners protect their assets until they decide on future use or development.

Ongoing Maintenance and Care

Having a Property Guardian occupy an empty building prevents the building from falling into disrepair. Property Guardians are responsible for making our team aware of any maintenance and cleaning issues, ensuring that it remains in good condition. This means that the property is well looked after.

The Personal Dimension of Property Management

In addition to the practical benefits, the people-centred model also brings a personal element to property management. The property Guardians give the property a sense of life and care and ensure that it remains warm and attractive. This aspect is invaluable, especially when it comes to presenting the property to potential buyers or tenants.

Shared Benefits for All Involved

The use of property Guardians in vacant property management offers a mutually beneficial arrangement for both property owners and Guardians.

For Guardians, property Guardianship provides access to affordable housing opportunities. For property owners, Guardianship offers a cost-effective solution to protecting their vacant building. Keeping a property occupied deters would-be intruders and prevents the building from falling into disrepair.

Vacant Property Management Redefined

Live-in Guardians offer a comprehensive and mutually beneficial solution to vacant property management. Live-in Guardians is dedicated to addressing the challenges posed by vacant properties. Our Property Guardianship offers an innovative solution, offering protection to both residential and commercial properties.

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Live-in Guardians

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