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How to eliminate your chance of squatters

October 15, 2020

No property owner wants their vacant property to be targeted by squatters. Squatters can present a real risk to your property, causing damage from breaking in, stealing valuables and vandalising. There are many ways that landlords can protect their commercial properties and eliminate the risk of squatters, from security services to property guardians, that can keep your property safe and prevent some of the expenses that squatters can incur.

Empty commercial properties can look very attractive to squatters, especially if they believe them to be unguarded or if there may be valuables inside. If you know that your property will be sitting vacant, it is important to remove any valuables to deter squatters and thieves. Traditional security measures such as boarding up the property can be effective, but by boarding up the property you risk alerting potential squatters that the property is unoccupied and quite often boarding up can attract rather than deter. Using several security measures in combination is recommended to ensure the highest level of safety, such as combining boarding up with a security camera and alarm system, anti-vandal paint or 24/7 security guard. However, commercial building security measures such as these often come with a high price tag and can make protecting your vacant property an expensive endeavour. And if your property is targeted by squatters before you can install preventative measures, having squatters removed and repairing the mess and damage can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Live-in property guardians are a modern solution to protecting empty commercial properties and can help to prevent squatters from targeting the property in the first place. Live-in Guardians will outfit your property and make it liveable like any residential property, and we find you suitable property guardians to safely and legally occupy your building. By having your property constantly lived-in and protected by guardians, it eliminates the chance of illegal squatters targeting your property and affords you peace of mind. Prevention is the best way to deal with squatters, and eliminating the risk before it happens can save you up to £20,000 in bailiffs, rubbish removal and repairs.

Live-in Guardians are one of the UK’s leading vacant property specialists, assisting commercial property owners in keeping their investment safe and protected. Our selected live-in property guardians eliminate the chance of squatters by living in your property and reporting any maintenance issues or security threats, ensuring that if your property is targeted by a squatting attempt, the issue will be quickly and safely dealt with. Live-in Guardians are a safe, legal and cost-effective solution to dealing with the threat of squatters, and could potentially save you thousands when compared to traditional security solutions.

If you own a vacant property and are seeking a solution to keep your investment looked-after, well-maintained and safe from squatters, get in touch with Live-In Guardians and we can conduct a free property survey within 24 hours. Once approved, we will make your property liveable and ready for our guardians to move in and keep your property safely occupied around the clock. Choose Live-in Guardians and gain invaluable peace of mind that your property is safe from squatters, disrepair and other threats.

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