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How to prevent squatters

September 21, 2021

If you own a commercial property that is currently empty or not in use, squatters pose a serious and common threat. If circumstances have led you to closing the doors of your commercial property, leaving it unoccupied, the last thing any property owner would want is for it to be targeted by illegal squatters. The removal of squatters, plus repairs and cleaning to cover damage and vandalism is an arduous and expensive process. However, choosing to get your property protected by Live-in Guardians will prevent squatters and other intruders from entering your property in the first place – saving you thousands in security and maintenance costs.

By protecting your vacant commercial property with Live-in Guardians, your building will be safely occupied by property Guardians instead of being left vacant and vulnerable to illegal intrusion. A property Guardian is a highly reliable individual; a key worker or a young professional selected by us to live in, protect and maintain your property. Once your property has been approved by us, our team will outfit the interior with everything necessary for shared residential living, and our Guardians can then move in and start keeping your property safe. Guardians offer protection by occupation: having your property legally and safely occupied around the clock, you can eliminate the threat of squatters, as the most effective deterrent to squatters is an inhabited property. Guardians also provide important maintenance and upkeep services such as keeping the property clean and tidy and reporting problems like leaks and damp to our team, ensuring that your property doesn’t fall into a state of disrepair. Any security concerns are reported to our team, as we never ask our Guardians to insert themselves into potentially risky situations.

Live-in property protection provides property owners with an all-round service, covering both security and maintenance so that your commercial property is both secure and kept in good condition while it is out of use. Our Guardians prevent squatters from entering your property for as long as needed, and should you require the use of your property for its intended purpose again we will return it to you in the same condition as it was given to us, on time. You might assume that the cost of a live-in protection service would be the more expensive option when compared to traditional security methods, when in reality you could potentially save thousands in comparison to security systems, boarding up and 24-hour security guards. Plus, by eliminating the possibility of squatters entering your property you can also prevent the costs of cleaning, repairs and rubbish removal before they even happen.

Live-in Guardians helps to secure empty property throughout London and Manchester, protecting empty commercial properties such as pubs, churches and office buildings from squatters, vandals and thieves. If you own a commercial building that is currently sitting vacant, and you have concerns about squatters, Live-in Guardians could be the ideal solution. We can provide you with a free property survey within 24 hours, and we will match your property with suitable Guardians from our Guardian Community to make sure your property is protected as soon as possible.

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