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How to protect your empty hotel with property guardians

May 12, 2021

Many hotels have been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, having to close their doors temporarily, or permanently in many cases. Some have even repurposed themselves to house key workers and provide support throughout the crisis. An empty hotel presents many problems, including extensive upkeep and maintenance costs. Additionally, protecting a vacant hotel with security personnel comes at great expense. Employing a security guard comes at a premium, and with large hotels potentially requiring multiple guards, the figures can be high. Live-in Guardians can help to secure empty hotels at a much lower cost by bringing property guardians to live in and protect the hotel.

Property guardians protect and secure empty properties by temporarily living in them like a residential property. This concept delivers several benefits, particularly for vacant hotel owners, as property guardians negate the need for expensive security guards. Guardians monitor the hotel and can report any threats or maintenance issues, providing round the clock surveillance, whilst also deterring any unwanted intruders. When a building is safely and legally occupied, it all but eliminates the potential threat of squatters or vandals targeting the property, as empty buildings are a desirable target. Property guardians provide an all-in-one solution to many of the problems caused by a hotel sitting vacant, whilst being a significantly more cost-effective option than traditional hotel security solutions, saving owners thousands of pounds in security costs.

Handling an empty hotel is problematic and time-sensitive, with utility and insurance costs compounding while the hotel is left unoccupied. Another benefit of choosing Live-in Guardians to protect your hotel is that guardians can provide a short term solution while the owners market options are further considered, mitigating business rates in the meantime. Short term contracts mean that if the owner requires the use of the hotel again, it will be returned within relatively short notice, and in the same condition. Guardians sign a licence agreement, not a tenancy, allowing for a 30 day notice period to end their occupation if the hotel is needed for its intended purpose again, or if a long term solution is found. As an owner, if you are uncertain about the future of your vacant hotel and want to ensure its security and safety whilst considering options, property guardians could be the ideal interim solution.

Live-in Guardians provide innovative and cost-effective property security solutions across London and the wider UK, protecting a wide range of properties from hotels to office buildings and schools. If you’re in need of empty hotel security that doesn’t break the bank, our carefully selected and vetted guardians could help to keep your hotel safe from threats while granting you peace of mind, and flexible options. In return, guardians living in an empty hotel can benefit from low rent costs whilst still having the opportunity to live in prime city-centre locations. If your vacant hotel needs protection and you think property guardians are the right solution for you, we offer a free property survey within 24 hours of enquiring.

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