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Is it worth becoming a property guardian in London?

November 13, 2020

London is one of the most popular cities in the UK for young professionals, but it also comes with a high cost of living. London has one of the highest average rent costs in the country which can be very daunting and off-putting for those wanting to make it in the capital. If you are unfamiliar with property guardianship and what it means to be a guardian it can be confusing to consider, but Live-in Guardians offer a simple, unconventional and modern solution to London living that is both safe and also significantly cheaper than traditional rentals.

So what does being a property guardian involve, and is it worth it? Property guardians essentially function as live-in security and maintenance personnel for commercial buildings that would otherwise be sitting empty. In legally occupying these properties, guardians help to eliminate the risk of squatters, vandals or other criminals from targeting the property as they usually only target empty properties. If our guardians notice any security threats, we have a team on hand 24/7 who will deal with the problem safely so our guardians don’t have to. We never ask our guardians to put themselves in danger!

Property guardians also provide important maintenance services to property owners, by keeping the property clean, tidy and looked-after whilst they live there. They report any issues such as mould, damp or leaks to our team, ensuring that these problems are addressed swiftly and the property is kept in top condition. In short, Live-in Guardians preserve, maintain and protect commercial properties.

But what’s in it for the guardians? In exchange for providing important protection services, guardians receive the benefit of central London living at a significantly reduced rent cost, coming in at a fraction of standard London rent rates. This gives young professionals a chance to get much more out of London life without breaking the bank on rent. They also have the exciting opportunity to live in some truly unique locations in the centre of London; some of our London properties include old pubs, office buildings, churches and schools! Each Live-in Guardians property is fully transformed on the inside to be 100% safe, comfortable and stylish with everything you could possibly need, with features to match any mainstream residential rental property.

Last but not least, our guardians can enjoy becoming part of a community. The larger buildings protected by Live-in Guardians often have lots of guardians under one roof, and many of our guardians form tight-knit support groups and creative communities. All of our guardians are young professionals in full-time employment or mature students, and having the opportunity to live with other like-minded individuals with similar life experience is part of the guardian appeal. Not only could you save yourself hundreds in rent costs, but you could make some friends for life!

Becoming a property guardian in London is a safe, savvy and unique way of getting the most out of professional life in London. If you are in full-time employment or are a mature student looking for London accommodation that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and you think you might have what it takes to be a guardian, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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