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Live-in Caretakers to benefit from ground-breaking UK & Fiji connection to provide affordable, world-class security personnel

April 04, 2023

London, Tuesday 4th April 2023 - Leading vacant property protection specialists Live-in Caretakers, is set to greatly benefit from the recently completed and historic arrangement between the British and Fijian governments. The arrangement will allow ex-British military service men and women from Fiji to live and work in the UK as Live-in Caretakers for the first time, in an effort to bolster the business’s military-grade vacant property protection offering.

Under the new system, ex-British military personnel who live in the Commonwealth islands of Fiji will be eligible to become Live-in Caretakers to protect and preserve vacant properties across the UK. This will allow the business to expand their current Caretaker offering while maintaining the high levels of professionalism that the British military is renowned for.

The complex operation was conducted in partnership with Fiji/London based charity, Commonwealth Neglected Veterans and saw Live-in Caretakers’ Head of Security and ex-British army Warrant Officer Lee Rider, fly out to the South Pacific Island to liaise directly with Fijian authorities. As a result, Fijians with at least 6 years’ service within the British armed forces and a clean criminal record have won the right to work in the UK and apply for British citizenship. The first cohort of Fijian Live-in Caretakers have already arrived in the UK, with more expected to arrive over the next few months.

As part of the innovative scheme, Live-in Caretakers will be setting up an in-depth onboarding process which aims to support the new recruits with their move and getting properly established in the UK. This will involve setting up British bank accounts, registering with local NHS surgeries and providing housing in between security jobs.

Arthur Duke, Managing Director at Live-in Caretakers’ (part of LIG Group), commented, "We are thrilled to announce this ground-breaking new partnership, which will enable us to provide unparalleled quality security for even more vacant properties. It also provides our clients with the added peace of mind that comes with having their assets protected by world-class security professionals. Our military-grade protection not only guarantees the safety of our client’s property, but also offers cost savings of up to 50% compared to traditional security measures. We are proud to be at the forefront of this innovative solution, which raises the bar for property protection standards worldwide."

Lee Rider, Head of Security at Live-in Caretakers added “We’re delighted with the results of our expedition to Fiji. This scheme not only reinforces our security offering, it also helps to secure the futures of countless Fijian ex-servicemen and women and their families, by providing gainful employment that makes the most of their years of security and protection experience.”

Live-in Caretaker services start from £1,300+VAT, per week and can be deployed and on-site within 24 hours of confirmation and often even sooner. For more information and to enquire about securing your vacant property, visit For full-service property management support, visit

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