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May 08, 2020

Live-in Guardians helps professionals across London and other major cities move on in their careers by providing great opportunities for guardian property management. Our guardians are diligent, professional people holding full-time jobs – but would otherwise be held back by increasingly unaffordable housing costs! Property Guardians work to preserve and protect amazing buildings all over our cities – buildings that would otherwise be left vacant and would attract arson, vandalism, and high costs for their owners. A leader in vacant property services, Live-in Guardians works with Guardians and landlords to prevent fires, trespass, crime and building damage to communities across London. It might sound like hard-word for our Guardians, but, in reality, they’re not doing anything other than what they would do in their own home!

What is a Property Guardian?

Property Guardians reside in an otherwise vacant property, ensuring that it is kept safe, secure, and clean. Merely the presence of Guardians can ward off would-be vandals and squatters – and they can also make sure that any structural problems (such as leaks or cracks) are spotted quickly and can be resolve before they cause serious damage. Guardians need to be on the lookout, make sure that the properties they are protecting are supervised, and that everything is being done correctly; but mostly, it’s just a case of looking after the place where you live!

Why Should I Be a Guardian?

In return for the watchful eyes granted by our Guardians, we offer dramatically reduced housing costs compared to similar private properties in the local area. All properties are made fully habitable with toilet, kitchen and washroom facilities, and often our Guardians will form strong and lasting friendships with their fellow Guardians – sometimes even forming a group that wants to stay together when protecting other buildings, or moving into private rented accommodation! Also, we work with some incredible buildings – from old pubs to restaurants and contemporary office spaces!

What is Being a Guardian Like?

We asked one of our Guardians, Stephanie Boncey, about her experiences as a Guardian:

Can anyone be a guardian?

Anyone in full-time permanent employment that would have enough income to cover the monthly licence fee and support themselves. Self-employed people also require a guarantor. If you can meet those criteria and have the right to live and work in the UK and do not have children or pets that live with you, you can become a Guardian. We have people from all walks of life. I would also say it is essential that you like living with people and problem-solving.”

What would you say to someone who is thinking of applying to be a guardian?

“I would say if you want to meet people, save money and live in some amazing buildings do it!”

How long does the application process take?

“It can be very quick depending on when you apply and if you have all the required documents. If you register on the Live-in Guardians website, you will be added to their mailing list. Once you receive an email with available properties you just need to let them know which viewing you would like to attend and then attend. If you like the room you view and can get the documentation and payment, you could potentially move in the day after the viewing, if you pass the vetting and the room is free to take that quickly.”

Do you like the properties you’ve been looking after?

“YES! I’ve been lucky enough to live in a building right on the Thames not too far from Parliament. There we got to watch the filming of some boat scenes for the James Bond film Spectre from our window. We also lived in a Victorian Primary school in North London where we were lucky enough to have a courtyard area to sun ourselves in during the summer. It’s been great to move around London and experience new areas and find gems in the city. My husband and I have made great friends at both properties that we still keep in touch with.”

To learn more about becoming a property Guardian with Live-in Guardians, click here.

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