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Live-in Guardians

Improving Security and Maintenance in Vacant Property

March 18, 2024

Live-in Guardians was established to provide a reliable and commercial solution to the problems created by empty properties. Through Property Guardianship, we provide a modern solution to vacant property security that can help property owners to protect the security and maintenance of their properties.

Evolving Practises in Vacant Property Upkeep

Conventional strategies for maintaining vacant property have so far focussed primarily on physical security measures, such as boarding up a property. While these practices provide a basic framework for security, they often overlook the issue of property maintenance, resulting in a potential loss of value and reduced appeal to potential buyers or tenants.

About Property Guardianship

At Live-in Guardians, we provide a Property Guardianship scheme. A Property Guardian is someone who has entered into an agreement to live in a building or part of a building that would otherwise be empty, for the primary purpose of securing and safeguarding the space.

By having their property occupied around the clock, property owners can be assured that their property is safe and secure. For property Guardians themselves, Property Guardianship offers the chance to live in affordable accommodation.

Property Security

Property Guardians are primarily there to secure and safeguard a property. Keeping a property occupied deters would-be intruders from targeting the building, helping to keep it secure. Property Guardians, however, are not expected to deal with potential threats or put themselves in confrontational situations. If issues arise, or criminal activity is suspected, Guardians can report the problem to our dedicated team straight away. We will then deal with the problem quickly and professionally, and will protect your vacant property.

Property Maintenance

Having a Property Guardian occupy an empty building prevents the building from falling into disrepair. Property Guardians are responsible for making our team aware of any maintenance and cleaning issues, ensuring that it remains in good condition. This means that the property is well looked after.

Impact on the Local Community

Property Guardianship has a positive impact on the surrounding community by ensuring that properties are occupied and maintained, helping to prevent the building from falling into disrepair, and increasing the vibrancy and security of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Live-in Guardians Property Guardianship scheme provides a unique approach to securing and maintaining vacant property, helping to keep them safe and contributing positively to the local community.

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