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Ways to protect your vacant property

17 November 2021

Keeping a vacant commercial property secure requires careful consideration. If you own a commercial property that is currently vacant, you will be aware of problems that can arise. Empty buildings can be easy targets for thieves, vandals, and squatters. They are also vulnerable to maintenance issues such as damp and plumbing defects. However, there are multiple ways in which an empty commercial property can be kept safe and well-maintained.

  1. Boarding up

Boarding up your vacant property is on the more affordable end of the scale for vacant property security options. It should make your property slightly harder to break into, whilst deterring any opportunists. However, boarding up windows also advertises the fact that the building is empty and unused, and therefore vulnerable. This can draw interest from squatters and asset thieves. Boarding up a property is even more effective when combined with other security measures such as CCTV security cameras and Alarm Systems.

  1. Security systems

Installing a security camera system to monitor your empty property around the clock is a highly effective method of vacant property protection, especially if there is signposting to let potential invaders know that the building is monitored. Alarm systems also provide reassurance that quick action can be taken if there is a break-in. However, certain security systems are expensive to install and maintain.

  1. Security Guards

Having a trained 24-hour security guard at your property is an excellent way to deter threats from entering the building. Knowing that a qualified professional is on hand to keep your property safe, and deal with any intruders is great for peace of mind, but traditional security guards demand the biggest budgets, compared to other options.

  1. Property Guardians

Property Guardians provide a cost-effective way to protect vacant property. Live-in Guardians turn the inside of your vacant property into a fully functional residential living space, and once our Guardians move in as tenants, you gain peace of mind as the owner of the vacant property. Keeping your building legally occupied, Guardians are the most effective way to deter criminals from entering your building. Additionally, Guardians keep your property clean and maintained so there’s no additional cost for janitorial services either.

You might think Guardian property management is an expensive service, but compared to the cost of security systems and security guards, plus cleaning and maintenance services, you can save thousands of pounds in security budgets. Live-in Guardians offers an effective all-round solution to keep empty properties safe throughout London and Manchester. By choosing to protect your property with Guardians, not only is your property kept safe and maintained, but you will be providing affordable city accommodation to the young professionals and key workers who need it.

If your security needs are more urgent, our Live-in Caretaker service provides SIA trained, ex-military personnel who are ready to protect your property within 24 hours. Your property is then secured, as you provide housing and career opportunities for former service people. Whatever your security needs, Live-in Guardians can provide a solution that is safe, effective, and affordable.


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