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25 January 2022

At Live-in Guardians, we're proud to provide affordable city-centre accommodation to key workers. When commercial property owners approach us to protect their vacant buildings, we match the property with suitable Guardians (key workers and young professionals) who become residents in the property to keep it safe. When we take on a new property, our first point of call is always nearby hospitals or similar organisations, that employ key workers who might be looking for an affordable accommodation solution.


Becoming a Guardian involves living in commercial properties that have been converted into residential living spaces to protect them from neglect and criminal activity whilst the property isn't in use. We find this model is highly suitable for key workers as it offers cheap but spacious accommodation in highly sought-after areas, helping professionals find places to live that are close to their place of work and within their budget. Wherever possible, we work with key organisations like hospitals and other healthcare providers to provide discounted rates, ensuring key workers get the most affordable living solution.


Guardianship is highly suitable for key workers because we seek individuals that are conscientious, and dependable. Key workers are the exact type of diligent and trustworthy people we welcome as Guardians. Property Guardians help to protect empty properties such as offices and pubs by living in them and offering protection via occupation. This helps to keep properties in excellent condition and safe from squatters and vandals until property owners are ready to use the building again. We protect buildings in desirable locations across central London, and if a property owner requests their building is returned, we endeavour to relocate our current Guardians into a suitable alternative, so they are not left without accommodation.


From the onset of Covid-19, we did our absolute best to help key workers get the accommodation they needed. Working around strict guidelines, we were able to provide Guardian accommodation for NHS workers where properties contained isolated wings and private kitchens and bathrooms to prevent contact with others. Though the height of the pandemic was a quiet time for us all, now that restrictions have been lifted and working from the office has resumed in many industries, our Guardian scheme is more popular than ever. We have seen a record number of Guardian applications and an empty room rate of less than 1% across London and Manchester – with hundreds of key workers and young professionals choosing to join us. 


Live-in Guardians are the UK's leading experts in vacant property protection. We are always seeking key workers to join our Guardian communities in London and Manchester. If you are a key worker or young professional looking for city-centre accommodation that doesn't break the bank, apply to join us as a Guardian and you could save hundreds when compared to traditional rental prices.


Photo by Gary Butterfield on Unsplash


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