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How we get our properties Guardian-ready

24 February 2022


Whenever we take on a new commercial property that needs protecting, there are several steps we need to go through before the property is fit for Guardians to inhabit.


The process begins when a client makes an enquiry about our vacant property services. Before we go and visit the property, we ask the client for any compliance certification they may already have, such as fire alarm certificates, floor plans and asbestos surveys. If these aren't already in place they will need to be acquired before the building can be certified as suitable for our Guardians to live in. From there, we conduct a walk-through of the site, to get an idea of how many bedrooms could be set up and whether there are any existing bathrooms and kitchens that can be used. We then create a proposal and if the property owner is happy, an agreement will be signed and we can get to work transforming the property interior into a residential space.


Our in-house maintenance team gets to work and we cover everything from fire alarms and electricals to plumbing and carpentry, offering a full service. Not using third party contractors means our team can get to work straight away, and the turnaround time is normally within a week. Kitchens and showers will be installed, rooms painted and decorated, and fire alarms checked or put in place, so we can guarantee that all of our properties are compliant and comfortable to live in.


We work with our properties to build upon the rooms and facilities that are already there. If a room already has windows and is fire safe, then we know it will make a great bedroom. Buildings such as offices, gyms and pubs often already have useable shared kitchens and bathrooms, and so only a few adjustments are needed before Guardians can move in, but buildings such as warehouses might need more work before they are Guardian-ready. We follow all House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) guidelines to ensure that our Guardian properties are suitable for residential living, making sure that all bedrooms have natural light, ventilation and that the property meets fire resistance requirements. We work with the local councils and welcome them to inspect every property to ensure our properties are fully compliant and up to standard, giving property owners and Guardians total peace of mind.


Once all certification is in place and we know that the plumbing, heating and electricity are working, our Guardian department will come in to photograph the property and start advertising rooms, inviting potential Guardians for a viewing. As soon as the Guardians have put down their initial deposit, they can move in almost straight away. Throughout their stay, all Guardians will have 24-hour access to our Guardian portal to quickly report any maintenance issues to keep the property safe and in great working order.


We're proud to have a rapid turnaround, with most of our properties ready for Guardians to move in within 5 to 15 days on average, meaning that valuable commercial properties are left unoccupied for as little time as possible, preventing squatters from targeting the property and maintenance issues from arising. If you have a vacant property in need of protection and you're looking for fast results, get in touch with us today to learn more about our Property Guardian scheme.


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