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06 April 2022

Live-in Guardians is proud to run one of the best Property Guardian schemes in the UK, with opportunities across London and Manchester.

Property Guardians protect empty commercial properties by living in them. Guardians that join our scheme can live in vacant pubs, offices, churches, police stations and much more! They share unique accommodation with other like-minded Guardians, make good friends and help to protect otherwise vacant buildings, all while saving money on living expenses!

So, how does our Guardian scheme work?

Commercial properties become vacant for a number of reasons, but when nobody is regularly seen entering or using a building, it will become a target for squatters, vandals and thieves. To prevent this, property owners choose Live-in Guardians to protect their property, keeping it safe from such threats.

Live-in Guardians quickly transform the interior of a commercial property into a fully compliant residential living space, that is complete with bathrooms and kitchens. Once everything is up and running, we invite pre-vetted Guardians to view the property and they can often move in straight away. Once settled in, all our Guardians need to do is reside in the property and take care of it, as tenants would in a traditional rental property.

Guardians do not function as security guards and do not engage in potentially confrontational situations. Simply by living in the property, building Guardians deter criminals, because an occupied property is a protected property! If Guardians notice any suspicious activity, it is reported to our team straight away, who will safely consult with internal teams or the Police.

In providing vital property protection services to property owners, Guardians gain the benefit of an affordable living solution. The license fee that our Guardians pay is often significantly lower than the cost of a traditional rental property in the same area, and we protect properties in prime central London locations, as well as greater London and Manchester. The period for which Guardians are required to protect properties can vary significantly, with some properties being under Guardian protection for years and some for just six months. However, when a property owner requires use of their building again, we rehouse Guardians in another suitable property on our books. It's an exciting and flexible lifestyle that presents opportunities to live in unique city-centre locations and meet interesting new people.

We typically choose young professionals and key workers who are dependable, trustworthy and mature, to protect our properties. If you think you fit this description, fill out our Guardian application form today. Once you're accepted onto our Property Guardian scheme, we'll be in touch as soon as a suitable property in your chosen area becomes available. Live in exciting properties, in highly desirable locations and save hundreds on living expenses by becoming a Property Guardian with us today.

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