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Who Benefits from Live-in Property Protection?

31 May 2022

Live-in Property Protection is a simple, modern and effective way of protecting vacant properties that comes with a range of benefits. Empty commercial properties can cause several unique problems, for not only the owner of the property but also the wider community. By providing a live-in security solution, Live-in Guardians aims to tackle the issues of buildings falling into disrepair, criminal activity as well as the cost of living.


Communities can benefit from Live-in Property protection, as keeping commercial properties occupied and secure prevents them from becoming an eyesore. Empty buildings can present an attractive opportunity to criminals who may intend to burgle, vandalise or squat in the vacant building. Graffiti, destruction and vandalism can add to the property becoming an unpleasant eyesore, and squatting comes with a host of problems as it can often be difficult to remove squatters once they have invaded a property. By installing Property Guardians who legally occupy commercial properties, these problems can be eliminated before they happen, as Guardians take care of building maintenance to keep properties in good condition and help to deter opportunistic squatters with their presence.


By choosing Live-in property protection, owners of vacant and vulnerable properties receive a range of benefits that other security options cannot offer. By keeping a property legally occupied with Guardians, property owners can become eligible for business rate relief, preventing owners from having to pay expensive business rates on a property that isn't being used for its intended purpose. Owners can also save significantly on outgoings and expenses. Other mainstream security options such as 24-hour security personnel can come with a much higher price tag than choosing Property Guardians, and with Guardians taking up permanent residence in a property, they also provide important upkeep services, reducing overall maintenance and janitorial costs. Live-in property protection is also a flexible option, and within 30 days' notice, we can return a building to a property owner in the same condition as it was given to us with minimal fuss.


The Property Guardianship model also benefits the Guardians themselves as much as it benefits the property owner. By becoming a Property Guardian, young professionals and key workers have access to affordable and flexible accommodation in prime city-centre locations across London and Manchester. The cost of a rental property in Zone 1 in London can be sky-high, but Live-in Guardians seeks to offer a more affordable solution to those who need it. By living in vacant commercial properties and offering important protection services, our Property Guardians can save hundreds monthly on living costs. The Guardian lifestyle also comes with its own unique benefits, including the opportunity to live in shared housing with a community of other like-minded individuals, and in a variety of interesting properties including pubs, offices, police stations and more.

Live-in Guardians is one of the UK's leading Guardian companies, providing innovative vacant property solutions that benefit everyone involved. Whether you're a property owner who wants to keep your asset safe, secure and in good repair, or a young professional looking for a way to save money on city living, Live-in Guardians can provide a solution that works for everyone.

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