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How live-in property protection could help you

14 June 2022

If you are looking for a security solution to protect your empty commercial property, you might be inclined to go down the traditional route. Security guards and security systems are the most common methods of keeping a property safe, and so they are often a property owners first choice. However, just because they are the popular choice does not mean they are the most affordable or effective security option available.


Live-in property protection is a relatively new way to secure empty property that more and more commercial property owners are turning to. In comparison to 24-hour security guard services and high-end security surveillance systems, the live-in protection services we offer at Live-in Guardians are much more affordable without compromising on effectiveness. Having your property protected by Guardians is one of the most successful ways of preventing squatters or other criminals from invading your property whilst it is out of use, offering you incomparable peace of mind. You can be confident that you're putting your asset in the hands of our responsible maintenance team and carefully selected Guardians, whilst also saving yourself hundreds in security costs when compared to a traditional security service.


Our tried and tested service works by transforming the inside of your vacant commercial building into a fully compliant and safe living space, complete with kitchens and bathrooms. Depending on demand and availability, this process can take as little as three days, meaning there is no window of opportunity for squatters to target your property. Once the property is ready, our chosen Guardians can move in and start providing vacant property protection by living in your property and keeping it safely occupied around the clock. We have a rigorous selection process for our Guardians, always choosing responsible and trustworthy young professionals and prioritising key workers where possible. Your Guardians will live in your property as residents, keeping it clean and tidy as well as safe from invaders. In exchange, they pay a license fee which is significantly lower than the price of an average city centre rental. By choosing Live-in Guardians to protect your property, not only are you keeping your property safe and saving on your outgoings, but you are also offering affordable accommodation to young professionals who need it.


Live-in Guardians has over ten years of experience in vacant property security. If you are the owner of a vacant commercial property and you're unsure of the best way to keep your investment safe, we can help you. Live-in property protection is an innovative and extremely successful method of property security that benefits everyone involved. In as little as a week, we could have your property fully secured against opportunistic criminals, and if you require the use of your property again we will return it to you in the exact condition it was handed to us within 30 days. If your security needs are even more urgent, we also offer a Live-in Caretaker security service, where we can provide a fully trained ex-military security professional to live in and protect your property within 24 hours of making an enquiry. Get in touch via our enquiry form today and we will help you to secure your property as soon as possible.

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