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Becoming a Property Guardian in London

17 November 2022

Live-in Guardians was created in 2010 and has become the UK’s leading Guardian company for vacant central London properties. Through Property Guardianship, we offer a mutually beneficial arrangement for both Property Owners and Property Guardians. Owners can secure their property, whilst Guardians gain access to affordable accommodation in prime locations.

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Protecting Vacant Properties in Central London

03 November 2022

At Live-In Guardians, we provide a modern solution to property security in London through Property Guardianship.

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How Property Guardianship Can Reduce the Cost of Living

12 October 2022

Property Guardianship is an innovative and modern way of protecting and managing vacant properties and comes with a variety of benefits to both Guardians and property owners.

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Live-in Guardians supports Chickenshed Theatre at the 2022 Property Shoot at The Royal Berkshire Shooting School

11 October 2022

Last week (6th October 2022), Live-in Guardians had the pleasure of supporting the 2022 Chickenshed Theatre Property Shoot at The Royal Berkshire Shooting School. Find out more here.

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Live-in Guardians invests in grassroots football with Hendon FC sponsorship

30 September 2022

We’re delighted to announce that Live-in Guardians, the market leader in vacant property protection is supporting grassroots football through our sponsorship deal with local club Hendon FC.

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How Live-in Guardians Help with Vacant Property Security

26 September 2022

Live-in Guardians are the market leaders in vacant property protection. We were established to provide a reliable and commercial solution to the problems created by empty properties. Through Property Guardianship, we provide a modern solution to vacant property security, that can help property owners to protect their investments in a cost-effective way.

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The Benefits of Property Guardianship

14 September 2022

Property Guardianship is an innovative and modern way of protecting vacant properties and comes with a variety of benefits.

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How we help Local Communities

24 August 2022

Property Guardianship is a mutually beneficial solution for both Property Owners and Guardians. However, Guardianship also provides many benefits to local communities.

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Vacant Property Protection

03 August 2022

Live-in Guardians is the market leader in vacant property protection. Through Property Guardianship, we aim to provide a reliable and commercial solution to the problems created by empty buildings.

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The true cost of an empty property

23 June 2022

Commercial properties are invaluable assets to business owners. Whether it's an office building, a warehouse or a hospitality venue, your property is at the heart of your business.

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How live-in property protection could help you

14 June 2022

If you are looking for a security solution to protect your empty commercial property, you might be inclined to go down the traditional route. Security guards and security systems are the most common methods of keeping a property safe, and so they are often a property owners first choice. However, just because they are the popular choice does not mean they are the most affordable or effective security option available.

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Who Benefits from Live-in Property Protection?

31 May 2022

Live-in Property Protection is a simple, modern and effective way of protecting vacant properties that comes with a range of benefits. Empty commercial properties can cause several unique problems, for not only the owner of the property but also the wider community.

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Affordable accommodation for graduates

15 May 2022

Students across the UK benefit from a wide range of discounts to make their time studying more affordable, including cheaper rent and a lack of council tax. But once you've graduated and moved into working in your chosen field, things become more expensive and it can be harder to find affordable rental accommodation.

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Guardianship: An affordable short-term accommodation solution

21 April 2022

Finding affordable rental accommodation in London or Manchester can be challenging, especially if you're looking for something flexible or with a short lease.

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Join our Property Guardian Scheme!

06 April 2022

Live-in Guardians is proud to run one of the best Property Guardian schemes in the UK, with opportunities across London and Manchester.

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What is a Property Guardian?

30 March 2022

Property Guardianship is a modern solution to protecting empty buildings, which is consistently growing in popularity. By becoming a property Guardian, people can live in exciting buildings in the heart of London or Manchester, whist sharing accommodation with other like-minded young professionals.

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Becoming a property guardian in London

04 March 2022

London is one of the most desirable – and most expensive – places to live in the UK. The capital is home to a range of creative industries, big businesses and countless finance and technology companies, making it a top place to live and work.

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How we get our properties Guardian-ready

24 February 2022

Whenever we take on a new commercial property that needs protecting, there are several steps we need to go through before the property is fit for Guardians to inhabit.

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Landmark Judgement in Court of Appeal

09 February 2022

The Court of Appeal recently gave guidance on the issue of possession claims and the “tenant vs licensee” distinction in the Property Guardianship model.

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More than just property security

31 January 2022

When it comes to property security, you want value for money as well as peace of mind. If you own a commercial property that is currently empty and unused, it may be an easy target for thieves, vandals, and squatters. You might think your only option is to hire a security guard, but paying for a professional guard to protect your property around the clock can come with a high price tag, with costs adding up over time. However, significant savings are available when Guardians protect your building instead.

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