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More than just property security

31 January 2022

When it comes to property security, you want value for money as well as peace of mind. If you own a commercial property that is currently empty and unused, it may be an easy target for thieves, vandals, and squatters. You might think your only option is to hire a security guard, but paying for a professional guard to protect your property around the clock can come with a high price tag, with costs adding up over time. However, significant savings are available when Guardians protect your building instead.

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How we help key workers

25 January 2022

At Live-in Guardians, we're proud to provide affordable city-centre accommodation to key workers. When commercial property owners approach us to protect their vacant buildings, we match the property with suitable Guardians (key workers and young professionals) who become residents in the property to keep it safe. When we take on a new property, our first point of call is always nearby hospitals or similar organisations, that employ key workers who might be looking for an affordable accommodation solution.

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How we select our Guardians

06 January 2022

Property Guardians play an important role in protecting and preserving otherwise vulnerable, vacant buildings. Live-in Guardians help to secure vacant property throughout London and Manchester by matching suitable properties with hand-picked property Guardians, to live in the building and provide protection via occupation.

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Becoming a property guardian in London

24 November 2021

For recent graduates and young professionals, renting in London is inaccessibly expensive. Then, moving further away from the city for cheaper rent results in a long commute and far fewer social opportunities. However, property guardianship is a concept that offers young professionals and key workers accommodation in prime city-centre locations.

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Ways to protect your vacant property

17 November 2021

Keeping a vacant commercial property secure requires careful consideration. If you own a commercial property that is currently vacant, you will be aware of problems that can arise. Empty buildings can be easy targets for thieves, vandals, and squatters. They are also vulnerable to maintenance issues such as damp and plumbing defects.

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What do property guardians do?

28 October 2021

Property Guardianship has become increasingly popular in recent years, as a way for young professionals and key workers to secure affordable accommodation in London and Manchester. Property owners who are looking for a way to protect their vacant properties choose property Guardians as a cost-effective and modern solution to their problems.

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How to maintain your empty property

21 October 2021

Empty commercial properties present many problems and can be a significant burden. While your property is unoccupied and out of use, it still needs to be kept clean, ventilated and maintained to avoid problems such as damp build-up or issues with the plumbing and electrics.

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The benefits of Property Guardians

05 October 2021

Property Guardians are a relatively new concept in the UK, offering a unique and modern solution to the problem of vacant property security. In the past, owners of vacant commercial properties faced the option of boarding up their vacant properties, or budgeting for traditional security systems or Guards to keep properties safe.

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How to prevent squatters

21 September 2021

If you own a commercial property that is currently empty or not in use, squatters pose a serious and common threat. If circumstances have led you to closing the doors of your commercial property, leaving it unoccupied, the last thing any property owner would want is for it to be targeted by illegal squatters.

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How Live-in Caretakers protect your property

25 August 2021

Owning a vacant property can be a significant worry. Vacant commercial properties are at risk of being broken into by squatters and vandals, falling into disrepair and becoming a general safety hazard. If your property is due to remain vacant for an extended period, it is crucial to ensure it is adequately protected.

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How to keep a vacant property secure in London

18 August 2021

Many businesses throughout London are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, being forced to close their doors for significant periods of time. Empty commercial buildings such as pubs, offices and other business premises can often become a safety hazard when left unused and unoccupied.

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How can I mitigate my vacant office's business rates?

08 July 2021

Paying business rates on your office premises is one of the biggest expenses business owners face, but it can be an especially frustrating outgoing if your office building is not currently in use. With the covid-19 pandemic resulting in many people having to work from home, a lot of offices are now sitting unused and vacant.

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2021 Business rates on empty properties

01 July 2021

No landlord or property owner wants to pay business rates on a property that is sitting empty. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have closed their doors through no fault of the business itself. Businesses across every sector have lost out on important revenue throughout the pandemic, and having to pay business rates on top of this has resulted in huge losses and difficulties.

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Simple ways to secure vacant properties

24 June 2021

Protecting and monitoring an empty property is difficult, and the impact of Covid-19 has made this even harder. With property owners having limited access to their empty buildings, it puts the building at higher risk. Empty buildings are targets for squatters, vandals and thieves, breaking in to occupy and deface the property and steal any valuable equipment left behind.

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How to protect your empty hotel with property guardians

12 May 2021

Many hotels have been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, having to close their doors temporarily, or permanently in many cases. Some have even repurposed themselves to house key workers and provide support throughout the crisis. An empty hotel presents many problems, including extensive upkeep and maintenance costs.

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How will guardians protect my empty building in Manchester

08 March 2021

Owning an empty commercial building comes with many issues, such as upkeep costs, empty property charges and security concerns. More than ever, property owners in Manchester are facing the problems of managing an empty property due to the struggles caused by covid-19. Property guardians are a modern solution to securing and protecting an empty property, but if you’re new to the concept you might be sceptical. So what do guardians actually do and how do they keep your empty building safe?

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The rise of squatters in Manchester during the pandemic

03 February 2021

Unfortunately, the covid-19 pandemic has seen many businesses in Manchester closing their doors either temporarily or for good. This has left the city with an unusually high number of empty and unoccupied commercial properties such as office buildings and pubs that have become easy targets for squatters and other criminals.

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How to keep a property empty in Manchester

27 January 2021

It is an unfortunate reality for commercial property owners that at some point, the property may not be used for it’s intended purpose for a period of time, leaving owners with an empty property. For property owners in Manchester, this can be a daunting prospect as empty properties can be an inviting target for vandals, squatters and other criminals.

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Property guardians: Bafta-winning documentary maker says cheaper rent helps him live a creative life in London

27 November 2020

Edward Watts won a Bafta for his documentary For Sama while living in a derelict church — but the scheme's not for everyone.

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Is it worth becoming a property guardian in London?

13 November 2020

London is one of the most popular cities in the UK for young professionals, but it also comes with a high cost of living. London has one of the highest average rent costs in the country which can be very daunting and off-putting for those wanting to make it in the capital.

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