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Life as a Property Guardian

June 16, 2020

In our blog we’ve talked a lot about our market-leading property guardian scheme, and how it allows thousands of professionals to beat the trend of unaffordable housing in some of the most vibrant and desirable places in London, and other cities across the UK. We’ve talked about how a property guardian can save landlords tens of thousands of pounds in tax and security costs for properties that would otherwise stand empty, and, consequently, how Live-in Guardians is helping to tackle the housing crisis and improve social mobility by allowing skilled professionals to live in the areas where they work. But, what is it actually like? We’ve talked to a selection of our Guardians for this piece, and, are excited to be able to share their experiences on what life is like as a property guardian!

What is a Property Guardian?

First of all – let’s define what a property guardian is. Property Guardians operate as a 24/7 security and maintenance presence in an otherwise vacant building. Exclusively employed full-time, these Guardians work in a variety of industries and professions and reside in vulnerable properties. Their presence all but eliminates the risk of squatting (squatters don’t target occupied properties) and provides active monitoring and maintenance. Attacks from arsonists, for example, that would cause serious fires in an unattended property, are spotted immediately and extinguished (thankfully this is very rare!). Maintenance concerns with plumbing or structural decay are spotted, reported and solved quickly. In essence, landowners enjoy the same level of protection as they would give their own homes. Because, for our guardians, their properties are their homes.

Property Guardians operate on a license from Live-in Guardians and are fully equipped with everything they need, from showering and washroom facilities to kitchens and safety equipment. They are reactive and adaptable to the needs of landlords and cannot acquire tenancy rights. In return for their help and diligence, they can access accommodation at a fraction of the rental value – opening up opportunities for people who would otherwise be unable to progress. Confused? Read our FAQ.

“What is it like to be a Guardian?”

We asked one of our current Guardians about their experiences in London:

“What are the main responsibilities you have to take on while protecting a property?”

We have to make sure that we:

  • Protect the property against intruders.
  • Notify Live-in Guardians if there are any issues with regards to the running of the property.
  • Enjoy living with a wide variety of people!

“Have you made good friends?”

Almost all of my close friends are other Guardians! When I arrived in the UK I didn’t know anyone, so this was a great platform to meet new people and I have enjoyed every moment of it!

“Would you recommend being a Guardian? If so, why?”

I would definitely recommend it. It’s a great way to see London and live in places that only very few people are able to go to. I think I’ve probably seen more of London than most Londoners!

Is being a Guardian safe?

I’ve never had an issue. I think it’s actually better than usual renting as I can serve notice whenever I want, and move all over the city. People that you live with all seem to be like-minded individuals and create large and supportive communities.

“How has becoming a property guardian impacted your life?”

Amazingly! I have been able to save a lot of money and save for my own home. I have made some great friends that used to be Guardians themselves, and I think it is a great way to break into a new city. I wouldn’t change a thing!

To learn more about cutting your housing costs and becoming a Property Guardian, click here.

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