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Ways to maintain your empty property

October 21, 2021

Empty commercial properties present many problems and can be a significant burden. While your property is unoccupied and out of use, it still needs to be kept clean, ventilated and maintained to avoid problems such as damp build-up or issues with the plumbing and electrics. Empty properties are also be vulnerable to criminal activity, and if your property were to be damaged or fall into disrepair, the maintenance and repair costs will be a significant expense to rectify. If you own a commercial property that is not currently being used for its intended purpose and you’re concerned about keeping your property in good condition, protecting your property with Live-in Guardians could be a compelling and cost-effective solution.

At Live-in Guardians, we offer an all-round solution to empty property protection and maintenance. We help commercial property owners secure their investment and keep their property from falling into disrepair by matching properties with suitable Property Guardians. Our Guardians are reliable young professionals and key workers, all carefully selected by our team, who are invited to come and live in your property as temporary residents. Live in property protection is a modern and effective solution to the issues that vacant commercial properties pose. Occupation is the best deterrent to squatters and other criminals who view empty properties as easy targets. Choosing to modify the interior of your property into a residential living space means our Guardians can easily keep your property safe, tidy and maintained. Simply by living in your property, Guardians offer passive security and make sure your property is suitably heated and ventilated, preventing expensive maintenance problems before they snowball. Choosing Guardians is also a more affordable option when compared to the costs of 24-hour security guards, janitorial services, and maintenance and repair services, as our property guardian service covers all of these areas. In many cases, Guardians actually come at nil-cost to the property owner. If any major maintenance issues such as leaks or damp are detected by our Guardians, they report them directly to our team so that we can act quickly to keep your property in good condition at all times.

We provide a vacant commercial property solution that benefits both the property owner and our Guardians, who are paying significantly less to live in our selected commercial properties than they would in a traditional rental property. If you’re looking for a way to keep your vacant property maintained and looked after while it is out of use, property guardians could be the ideal solution for you. We protect properties across London and Manchester for as long as required. Once you have entered an agreement with us, we will outfit the inside of your property with everything our Guardians need for residential living, and if you require full use of your property again we will return it to you in the same condition it was given to us, and on time! Get in touch with us to see how our property guardians can help you protect your investment and keep your property in excellent working condition.

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