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How to Secure My Empty Property

17 August 2020

Your property is an important investment, and nobody wants to see their property sitting idle, gathering cobwebs and potentially attracting squatters or vandals. There are many traditional security solutions on the market to keep your building protected and surveilled 24/7, but these security services often come with very high price tags. The combined cost of a security guard, alarm system and boarding your property can really add up, but a live-in caretaker could provide the security and peace of mind you need at a significantly lower cost.

Live-In Guardians have pioneered a system that keeps your property occupied and protected at a fraction of the cost of traditional security measures. Having live-in guardians and live-in caretakers look after your property for you ensures that your building is kept in good condition and is always protected from threats. Live-in caretakers are ex-military personnel, qualified and trained in the art of keeping people and places safe. They offer you world-class protection at a much lower price than a mainstream security guard.

We ensure that your property is made suitable to be lived in, and our live-in caretakers do the rest. Caretakers are highly trained and SIA licensed, equipped with the right military-grade skills to keep your property protected around the clock. They keep your property maintained, and by becoming a permanent resident of your property they can deter any potential vandals or squatters from invading and damaging your property by safely de-escalating dangerous situations. In short, they provide the highest quality vacant property security whilst potentially saving you thousands in security and maintenance costs.

Depending on your business, the property you own and your needs, live-in guardians could also be a cost-effective solution by keeping your building safely and legally occupied. Once we have outfitted your property with living solutions and created a fully compliant living space, live-in guardians can move in and act as tenants, whilst keeping your property maintained and looked after. They keep your property clean and cared for, and can report any issues such as damage, leaks, or potential safety threats.  The duty of a live-in guardian or caretaker is to provide you as a property owner with peace of mind that while your property is going unused, it will be kept safe and secure. We provide a tried and tested, cost-effective solution to the problems that empty properties pose and our guardians and caretakers also receive the benefit of city living at a greatly reduced rent cost, so all parties benefit from the system.

If you have been worried about how to secure your empty property and the costs this can incur, contact Live-In Guardians for modern security solutions that could save you thousands a year. If you feel that you could benefit from a live-in caretaker, contact us and we can provide you with a qualified caretaker to secure your property within 24 hours. Or if you think having live-in guardians is the right solution for you, we can survey your property within 24 hours to see how we can transform your space and have our authorised guardians protecting your property as soon as possible.

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