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Live-in Guardians 01/10/2020

How to maintain your empty property

An empty property can be difficult for property owners to secure and maintain. Large vacant properties such as office buildings or pubs require a lot of upkeep and can be susceptible to attacks from squatters, thieves and vandals. Empty property maintenance can also be an expensive endeavour, with costs adding up from cleaning, security services and any potential repairs that may need carrying out.

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Live-in Guardians 17/09/2020

How to keep my empty pub safe

No landlord wants to see their pub sitting empty, but when unfortunate circumstances lead to pubs closing, they can quickly become a liability. Empty pubs are a tempting target for invaders and are very at risk of squatters, vandals and fly-tippers breaking in and causing damage.

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Live-in Guardians 09/09/2020

The real cost of squatters in your empty property

Vacant commercial properties are at risk of attracting squatters, and thousands of buildings in London and the UK are damaged by squatters each year. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of Covid-19 with many businesses having to close their doors, that number is only rising.

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Live-in Guardians 18/08/2020

What is SIA licensed security?

An SIA license gives you confidence that the security personnel you are hiring is a fully trained and vetted expert in providing private security solutions. All of our live-in caretakers are SIA licensed as well as ex-military, meaning they are fully equipped to provide you with the highest quality property security.

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Live-in Guardians 17/08/2020

How to Secure My Empty Property

Your property is an important investment, and nobody wants to see their property sitting idle, gathering cobwebs and potentially attracting squatters or vandals. There are many traditional security solutions on the market to keep your building protected and surveilled 24/7, but these security services often come with very high price tags.

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Live-in Guardians 14/07/2020

Property Guardians Checklist

As the country emerges from the Covid-19 crisis, property owners are now in need of live-in property guardians more than ever. With many pubs, offices and other businesses unfortunately having to close their doors due to the virus, this means there are many city properties left vacant and at risk of squatters or vandals.

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Live-in Guardians 11/07/2020

5 Top Tips for living cheap in London

London has always been one of the most fashionable and desirable – but most expensive – places to live in the UK. Particularly for young professionals and graduates, finding affordable accommodation in London can be difficult. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can make London living cheaper.

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Live-in Guardians 16/06/2020

Life as a Property Guardian

In our blog we’ve talked a lot about our market-leading property guardian scheme, and how it allows thousands of professionals to beat the trend of unaffordable housing in some of the most vibrant and desirable places in London, and other cities across the UK.

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Live-in Guardians 15/06/2020

Life as a Live-In Caretaker

Live-in Caretakers is not a run of the mill security firm. Our operators are almost exclusively recruited from military veterans and active military personnel.

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Live-in Guardians 15/05/2020

How to Become a Property Guardian in 2020

Live-in Guardians is always on the lookout for new Guardians to help protect great buildings in London and other major UK cities from vandalism, arson, theft or illegal occupation (such as squatting).

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Live-in Guardians 08/05/2020

Looking for Affordable Short-term Accommodation?

Live-in Guardians helps professionals across London and other major cities move on in their careers by providing great opportunities for guardian property management. Our guardians are diligent, professional people holding full-time jobs – but would otherwise be held back by increasingly unaffordable housing costs.

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Live-in Guardians 17/04/2020

Can Millennials Afford to Buy a Home?

‘Millennials’, it’s a controversial term – but, in literal terms, refers to people born broadly between 1981 through 19961. It’s remarkable how polarised the perceptions of other generations have towards Millennials.

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Live-in Guardians 24/03/2020

What are Live-in Caretakers?

We all might have an image in our heads when it comes to caretaker services or caretakers in general, the classic older man armed with truncheon and torch – whistling as he whistling as he walks around a building. For regular caretakers, this isn’t actually that far from the truth (minus the truncheon!) and caretakers do fill an important role in society – protecting warehouses, office buildings, retailers and a host of other businesses from theft and vandalism.

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Live-in Guardians 18/02/2020

What Kind of Properties do We Cover?

Any live-in property guardian should definitely consider what kinds of properties they are going to be guarding, and on the flip side, landlords and owners looking for property protection services and guardian property specialists will want to know what properties are eligible, and what kind of structures Live-In Guardians works with.

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Live-in Guardians 17/01/2020

Lonely in London – How Guardianship can bring people together.

It’s a strange reality that the bigger the city, the more developed the infrastructure and the larger the community – the more lonely the people who live there tend to be.

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Live-in Guardians 19/11/2019

Debunking the Myths of Guardianship

In May 2018 the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, a department of HM Government, released a ‘fact sheet’ aiming to give potential guardians ‘advice’. However, it appears to be strongly biased against guardianship and fails to factor in this alternative method of housing as a healthy option for skilled professionals.

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Live-in Guardians 24/10/2019

How Will Guardians Protect My Property?

Having a valuable property unoccupied for weeks, or even months is a key concern for many landlords. You might have experienced it yourself, the dread of entering your empty property to find it broken into vandalised or even worse, receiving a call that your investment has gone up in smoke.

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Live-in Guardians 10/09/2019

The Social Impact of Live-In-Guardians in the midst of a Housing Crisis

The UK housing crisis has caused suffering, poverty and anger in our major cities for years. Various economic factors such as inflated land values, ‘prospective investors’, sometimes based overseas, leaving residential properties deliberately empty so that they can wait for land values to rise and then sell on, making a profit without lifting a finger.

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Live-in Guardians 22/08/2019

How Much Could a Live-In Caretaker Save You?

A lot of people think landlords have it pretty easy – we know different. From rates and council tax and how that affects your rent and tenancy needs, to getting the right people in the right properties, and of course dealing with everything that seems to go wrong.

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Live-in Guardians 17/07/2019

How to Maintain your Empty Property and Protect Your Investment

There are an awful lot of things to consider when facing the prospect of your property becoming empty. A hike in council tax, increased risk of vandalism, fire and squatting – and of course the potentially enormous financial costs of putting things right and making repairs should the worst happen.

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